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Don't forget to join Camilla for her #Zumbo demo - it's always lots of fun. https://t.co/50kIYkIOB1
Que asco eso de ver cagar a su pareja y echarse pedos enfrente del otro. A mí me aplican esa y la zumbo de un patadon.
Llega la comida antes que el emi! Aveces lo odio fuerte!
hahahahahahahahahahaaha es neta?! eso dicen?! al primero q escuche lo zumbo a sillazos tenlo x seguro https://t.co/HExD9irssB
RT @19_soofi: Tramitame una coca bien fria 🙏🙏🙏
La caliente ama de casa se zumbó rápido al negro https://t.co/DNiDYnyAEu
@BD_Zumbo Same to you! I'm working on a number of on-going validation review type projects, so if rejected will look elsewhere, expand it.
@JkayFlake I hope you are having a good afternoon. Sad to read that your paper had to be cut down. Sounds like an interesting paper. :(
@BD_Zumbo @BrentWRoberts @JnfrLTackett I hope it comes to pass! Can't anticipate how it will be received.
@JkayFlake @BrentWRoberts @JnfrLTackett So glad to hear that our work was useful. I am looking forward to seeing your paper in print.
@BD_Zumbo we ended up sending the paper to SPPS, so its short report, all the previous review stuff about measurement got cut out :(
@BD_Zumbo @BrentWRoberts @JnfrLTackett You actually say in your book that reviewing on-going validation is needed! Motivated us!
Regression | measurement error: Type I error rates can approach 1.00, even for a nominal level of 0.05. Yep, 1.00 ... largely ignored issue.
@BD_Zumbo @BrentWRoberts @JnfrLTackett Whole team read numerous chapters from your book when we were planning the project!
@stephenbenning @BD_Zumbo pre-existing benchmarks are not always easy to find!
/3 particularly chapter by Shear & Zumbo "What Counts as Evidence ...". @JkayFlake @BrentWRoberts @JnfrLTackett
Zumbo & Chan (Eds.,2014) Validity & Validation in Social, Behavioral, & Health Sciences. Springer. @JkayFlake @BrentWRoberts @JnfrLTackett
@JkayFlake @BrentWRoberts @JnfrLTackett I would love to read that paper. I co-edited a book for Springer Press 2014 that may be related.
Me zumbo lo que quiero que yo no tengo novia (?) https://t.co/VeCzTna5Xp
Que raro yo llegando tarde 😒
@Franklouisvf estoy aquí todavía.! Te zumbo cuando salga
Que belleza salir a esta hora de la escuela!!!!
C Zumbo-Lebrument - Merci de me suivre sur Twitter - Luc NAROLLES - Surligneur de Talents ! - https://t.co/pSQ1uf3PY7