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गाँधी जी ने अंग्रेजों को दश से भगाया और पूरी दुनिया मे अपना और देश का नाम रौशन किया मोदी जी ने अंग्रेजों के दरमिया… https://t.co/AEEIqtELMd
@WanPikaaa Tkdok kat bilik. Tgok org main putsal ni.
@WanPikaaa Hahah padan lah tu
@WanPikaaa Tulah lain kali jgn beli tiket awal2 kahkah
Juventus have reportedly made enquiries about Thomas Meunier of PSG. (Rai Sport) https://t.co/gYMv6ezvxS
@juvefcdotcom Play him. Remember a couple of years ago regarding Buffon ? The Ultras held up a banner saying “Even… https://t.co/nDsK87X8BG
RT @ChauncySmartt: When we lose track of the mouse cursor, our first instinct is to move it erratically, because we adapted to looking… https://t.co/P6lLB7qwn1
RT @Applemango000: 어쩜 이리 똑 닮을 수가 있지... https://t.co/8EUNOHHI3I
RT @StickGadget: ✖️Iphone X ( Jet Black ) 💵RM 5380 ™️READY STOCK - 258GB - Dapat 6 Free Gift - Original MY SET🇲🇾& 1 Year Warranty F… https://t.co/ztWDZqdKVv
سات سالہ بچی سے ذیادتی کیس ، متاثرہ بچی کو پولیس نے نیریاں شریف سے بر آمد کر لیا ، میڈیکل رپورٹ کے بعد SPکا بیا ن آ… https://t.co/NThzddf5ra
RT @HomeOfCricket: 🙌 @PereraThisara, @SAfridiOfficial & @realshoaibmalik join @Eoin16 in ICC World XI team to face @westindies in the… https://t.co/QpSBZF2zeH
RT @ICCMediaComms: .@SAfridiOfficial, @realshoaibmalik and @PereraThisara confirm participation for ICC World XI against the Windies… https://t.co/yrCVCqspWN
RT @ICC: “I am humbled to have been selected for such a noble cause" @SAfridiOfficial is joining the ICC World XI to face W… https://t.co/StkaQPeuEJ
@ZulQarnain__ For me they ruined it with the trained raptor bs
RT @luthfihammaam12: @av_zulqarnain @harisbdrr Haha ciee anak baru lahir kli ziz
Mujhay Yaqin Haye Tum Munfarid Ho Auron Se, @Cheif Magar Tum Samajhtay Ho Main Auron Jesa Hun, BY: @m.ZuLQaRNaiN MughaL #Chak No_49 ML
RT @IntThings: When your mind says give up, hope whispers one more try..
RT @baaoslut: Honest to god this is the best thing to ever exist https://t.co/vz6XFxs7hr