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Damn @Ari_Zucker is so lucky to get these scenes with Eric and Xander. The fact that Nicole can resist shirtless Xa… https://t.co/iEaZVqTImf
RT @Hanae_Inoko: 低気圧がまたまた来ましたね😭 低気圧の不調は、内耳が気圧の変化を察知して、脳に伝達し、自律神経が乱れてしまうことが原因の1つと言われています。 耳の後ろ、大きなくぼみ 口を開けると凹むところ 「えいふう」というツボは 内耳を強める… https://t.co/Ja0hLqcUbJ
RT @aemullins: 💕*Swoon*💕 Don't worry Nicole, Prince Eric is here to save the day & fight for you!♥️😍 #EricoleForever… https://t.co/LpYLCAQOql
@matt_zucker makes sense to me, then! (as a computer scientist as opposed to an engineer)
@matt_zucker Is it because Boolean True is typically interpreted as anything non zero?
@PastorDScott Jeff Zucker clearly wanted to put out a msg about Kanye to the CNN audience.
@JackPosobiec Zucker is a vile person, it starts from the top. The rest of them are just puppets of his, with their own hateful agenda.
RT @rippledtheories: @PaulTelfer @Ari_Zucker @nbcdays Sorry but for me, #XanderCole is better than #Ericole Makes this all the more wort… https://t.co/WCphixuAl0
@PaulTelfer @Ari_Zucker @nbcdays Sorry but for me, #XanderCole is better than #Ericole Makes this all the more wort… https://t.co/WCphixuAl0
RT @sasuke_neko3: ニューヨークの地下鉄は、バッグに入らない動物の持ち込みを禁止しました。 それは勿論、大型動物を乗車させないためでしたが、ニューヨーカーは全力で大きなワンコたちをバッグに詰め込み一緒にお出かけをしています https://t.co/shmoWBk1BJ
RT @tottoko_running: 現在のメディア欄あまりにアレなので有栖川誉で流しておきますね https://t.co/M2A73hhUpN
How do you know you exist? - James Zucker https://t.co/ISHkrGcEUO via @YouTube
Semi-related gripe from today’s digital systems lab: in Verilog, casting multi-bit values to smaller bit widths alw… https://t.co/igozBv0Y0Y
@rockermom53 YES, that is correct, does not compute in the ROBOT Human. Something always exists in the Matrix of… https://t.co/4WVRnL4J97
i love jeremy zucker sm
Song of the day Jeremy Zucker - Weakness ( 3D + Rain & Thunder audio ⛈) https://t.co/d8K60cynZL via @YouTube @jeremyzucker @RainyMood
How about a video Stupid Human? it is simply called, "Who do you know you exist? - James Zucker and that being a… https://t.co/rlI2S6aeUt
@asmeurer Broadcasting: not just for arrays anymore!
@jrieffel Sexy recursive metahumor
@zachary_zucker @KennedyMatthe18 That’s good. I’m from Jax and I’m near the beach so I gets pretty wild.
RT @BUDDY_ERL: Schon geil, wie raffiniert weißer Zucker ist.