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This former Google Ventures CEO is raising a new $230 million fund to focus on health care https://t.co/R7uZf7pbmn #tech
New Indian ambassador Navdeep Suri assumes office https://t.co/lhcUncwNWJ #diplomacy #africa
RT @Ms_ONEDAY: ❤ BAEKHYUN CHEERING PROJECT❤ RT해주신 한분을 추첨하여 보내드릴게요'ㅅ'💕 KOR)https://t.co/BXnJ06VsS9 ENG)https://t.co/Jx9o5Lioly FOR… https://t.co/kTK51QrIpf
[모바일 게임 #청학동청년들 에서 캐주얼 생활한복 세트을(를) 획득하였습니다! #Day7 https://t.co/cgdHMWPMCk] https://t.co/31xzKqy0j3
RT @AzaadBharat_: 6 दिसंबर हिन्दू #शौर्य_दिवस नाम से मनाते हैं क्योंकि इसदिन हिन्दू लाखों बलिदानों के बाद बाबरी मस्जिद विध्वंस कर पा… https://t.co/2jhxLyuajX
I liked a @YouTube video from @GregglesTV https://t.co/hm6HVLlY4n Google Pixel XL Orzly Fusion Bumper Case REVIEW
Google Timelapse: Columbia Glacier, Alaska https://t.co/igUzBbWcLC via @YouTube
I’m Not Going To Wait Around For You To Make Up Your Mind https://t.co/7EjREYQjFC
‘Crackdown 3’ will launch in time for the 2017 holidays with 4K support https://t.co/JQiydhuo0z #downloader #androidapps
RT @WIRED: Google Home, Alexa, and all those other home assistants are recording what you say. Here's how to delete that data: https://t.co/9MrEhVEa4J
@faisal_asif feel free to check my Ebruelous account here: https://t.co/BEiMtOiCAv
RT @AstadiaInc: The cloud war moves to #machinelearning: Does Google have an edge? via @TechRepublic https://t.co/j8IZgtJ1oA… https://t.co/jClVeRvI2u
Microsoft pauses Windows 10 previews to shift to radical new update system https://t.co/zHg1sNxeYQ
RT @ralada96: [Pre-order📁] แฟ้มใส่การ์ด/บัตร ราคา 120 - 200 ฿ ส่ง 30/50฿ วันนี้ - 15 ธ.ค. 59 รายละเอียด https://t.co/hVk2AI6QZQ https://t.co/vGUf0cVkF2
RT @Hinawajux999: Google スプレッドシートのセルにプルダウンリストを作成する https://t.co/HqNfKfCIzk これ凄く便利だから固定主はガンガン活用していこうぜ!!!! #PSO2
Not just 100, but 712 major religious figures. Fight. Me. https://t.co/9gph4xX6mn https://t.co/2QAuDFcXik
這裡有虹鱒吧? ( ・ω・ ) ⊃ 肉 ⊂ 新先的馬鈴薯和 ( ・ω・ ) 三⊃⊂三 ( ^ω^)就像這樣! ⊃⊂ #狩獵小廚 https://t.co/KT6BWMqs7j https://t.co/V04IwtcGHo
服部匡志 - Google 検索 https://t.co/Dw88ummJHp フリーランスの眼科医。ベトナムでたくさんの患者を救った
Microsoft kicks off its 12 days of Christmas deals today https://t.co/wvVwneYk90
Cortana takes the fight to Alexa with the Microsoft Home Hub https://t.co/XsxdNPG6ZZ