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@vj_shaddy @SammieGives0Fux Haha! I'm serious! I stood up to walk and had to sit back down cuz I couldn't figure it… https://t.co/1XrnWbwTMd
@LeadChangeTrish Always dream u win 40% more than ur current payoff amount. U walk away with nothing, except debt f… https://t.co/riLIngrMbH
Ran back to the hospital to investigate the CDC file and source of the zombie plague. My two hour walk… https://t.co/mh8hSOJtbH
RT @fatethebean: we should get sick leaves or days off on our periods because they’re sooo painful we can barely walk https://t.co/NhDyPK2dG8
Starting my screenwriter journey with this story: A zombie outbreak kind of story with the perfect girl. Literally,… https://t.co/8XnI88sRnr
@soledadobrien Howard Schultz could shit in his hand and throw it at the pope and people would still zombie walk to… https://t.co/ii5WHwfd5g
A #Zombie walk for your #Bristol date? That'll make for a memorable night out! https://t.co/f0P3Z1KzCK
My bf’s dad fuckin LOVES scaring people and he just came back from Texas and apparently bought a these creepy ass o… https://t.co/CfWU5J9fav
RT @AATApocalypse: With pre-production steaming ahead in December 2016 we were left with the question, how do you walk like a zombie?… https://t.co/XWX5kRJgZf
RT @JTAnews: The special LED lights are on the ground because pedestrians look down at their phones when they walk. https://t.co/2VByMBolh7
@mckellogs Where are your knees supposed to go, or do you walk along stiff legged like a zombie?
The special LED lights are on the ground because pedestrians look down at their phones when they walk. https://t.co/2VByMBolh7
@bill_reifler @realDonaldTrump @POTUS Growing up in NY could be your problem for your blinded hate and left zombie… https://t.co/cCWdFmQrbe
@DrewEngelbart @MeaganFOX31 @everyday_show!! HAPPPPPY FRIDAY/weekend ya’all!! That’s crazy on the “zombie”, textin’ cross walk!! ❤️😍🐸💕🥰😂😂😂😂
Zombie Lights: Great idea! JERUSALEM (JTA) — Tel Aviv is looking out for pedestrians looking down at their smartp… https://t.co/ZUcz4qbi41
working out legs got me dat zombie walk
RT @billschrier: Tel Aviv deploys ‘zombie lights’ for mobile-obsessed walkers - those of us who stare downward at our smart phones a… https://t.co/7MiHZthRGi
@mohale_motaung Kinda hard to walk past someone you know though. Zombie or not. But as it may be. It is all worth it. WERK! ⚓✈️🚀🛸
@WhiteHouse Why does he walk like he's a zombie?? And he made fun of Beto's hand gestures?? haha! He reads like a 3… https://t.co/jktXGXmgD5
@ThePrimalMan That must be why my doctor kept repeating "EXERCISE" like a zombie last time I went in about depressi… https://t.co/Xn99XtPHdt
I have 2 app today that I’m going to walk into like a sick ass zombie, can’t reschedule either, mfs all booked up
zOmBiE wALk
RT @murrman5: my neighbour ryan: I was at a zombie walk we all dressup and walk around downtown me holding an axe: I wanna believe you ryan I really do