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I hate it when children in a post apocalyptic world like a zombie apocalypse or like in the quiet place and these d… https://t.co/tp2Qgk30dh
3 Stunden Schlaf... Natürlich selber schuld wenn man erst um halb 2 ins Bett geht, der Wecker aber bereits um halb… https://t.co/mCIiRsuCh4
Makes me sick how many cold hearted beings walk this earth...people that just..idk they’re like zombies. WE LIVE IN… https://t.co/gGm7jK324B
RT @flamboyantjeon: He was like a zombie when he got up from bed: grumbling and groggily walking around. He never got to eat a full bre… https://t.co/Cew5UJEfx0
He was like a zombie when he got up from bed: grumbling and groggily walking around. He never got to eat a full bre… https://t.co/Cew5UJEfx0
@Ned_the_zombie @AntonioArellano Are you an idiot? The courts ruled in the 90s that the kids couldn’t be detained… https://t.co/Y0YEX4b0c7
@wiinecc Manoo esse filme é mt top, quero me vestir que nem as enfermeiras no Zombie Walk kkkk
Houston, Texas, no need to wait for Halloween, head to The Houston Zombie Walk's event this Saturday! music, contes… https://t.co/gCSj9hVvsi
RT @marionettezbook: IT’S HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Marionette Zombie Series Returns with “Walk with Me” by S.B. Poe… https://t.co/Az44ft7Zdm
Real Quick Before I Was Rudely Interrupted By This Flight: I Jus Walk Round Like A Zombie Dady, I Don Like Bein In Paddywagons
You sleep walk one by one Following your destruction Wake up zombie you're a zombie nation! https://t.co/5GZJzAOvwk
What about the walkers who walk fast and text fast? Zombie life is short, we need specials shortcuts: Chinese city… https://t.co/ioBoKVyolm
A zumbi em Zombie Walk São Paulo https://t.co/z7gHPLL8HC
@425DC1 The last coach Walk with me, marionette zombie series
@FEMARegion6 @FBIDallas Let's get them off the streets guys couple sheets under 2 no just very tired walk like a zombie
Check out this book: "Walk with Me: Marionette Zombie Series Book 2" by S.B. Poe https://t.co/VBWwFg7U9n https://t.co/xhGj4j38iH
RT @Fact: Actors who play zombies on "The Walking Dead" had to go through zombie school to learn how to walk and move like zombies.
All the Zombie movies are actually a metaphor of all the ignorant closed minded people, who walk around in the hypn… https://t.co/lSdApyK7L3
RT @deadentsite: When there's no more room on your shelf, the #figures will walk the Earth. https://t.co/bZLjwn6OBr #DawnoftheDead… https://t.co/DUOTuJNU1e
RT @GuacamoleJesus: I have so many new wonderful followers thank you guys in order for you to get to know me a little bit better I am g… https://t.co/BmYOrBPuQY
Dreamt that I was in some sort of weird zombie apocalypse. Benedict Cumberbatch was there and was angry because he… https://t.co/NlQAdAvEEN
I canceled the meeting and got some sleep. The foot still hurts but a lot less. I can now basically walk without s… https://t.co/4WoRUnTY4t
Zombie walk kasi pawisan ang paa
Rich Hill 4th of July Zombie Glow Run/Walk 5K https://t.co/oaUZSLTkgz https://t.co/rB3km16Bs4