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RT @Amber_JayneXX: I fucking hate it when people use their zodiac sign to justify shitty behaviour! “I can’t help it, I’m a Capricorn!… https://t.co/K9qpftXij0
RT @ACLU: Like the two versions before it, President Trump’s latest travel ban is still a Muslim ban at its core. And like th… https://t.co/BW9DRXtciF
RT @TopDawgDesmond: Your wcw blaming her poor behavior on her zodiac sign again
RT @TScpGemini: Daily Gemini: Today you will realise just how much someone means to you. https://t.co/fsQLIxzg4s
zodiac cancer sex free porn video strap on https://t.co/FYpgXHKxRA
RT @TScpPisces: Daily Pisces: What you may think isn't worth worrying about may be concerning your partner a great deal. https://t.co/wAvieWP5Fq
RT @TScpAries: Daily Aries: Don't believe everything you see or hear, someone may be trying to trick you. https://t.co/srdu1NBUSQ
RT @USATODAY: The two security officers involved in dragging a 69-year-old doctor off a United Airlines flight have been fired. https://t.co/yDwXAZUO4S
@0402run そうね! 美味しいお店さがそ!
RT @thehill: Florida brewery offers free beer to people who throw out tickets to Richard Spencer speech https://t.co/HihydT8UNr https://t.co/Zu7T7LTW2b
1 Se7en 2 Zodiac 3 Social Network 4 Fight Club 5 etc. https://t.co/vIpeLC7e31
RT @paolaatondo_: "u don't care about me" first of all I keep myself updated with your zodiac sign
@osanbabanchan 飯オフするべ! 11月暇な日とかないけ!?
RT @AsRaiderFan: Absolutely LOVE how AHS is making a theory about the Zodiac Killer, this is amazing lol. #AHS #AHSCult
what about your husband zodiac sign? — 😊 capricorn https://t.co/2WDdCryxV4
RT @astrolance: lance's zodiac sign is a fire sign and keith's zodiac sign is a water sign i cant believe they were actually made for each other
RT @MintMovie: #Mindhunter SS1 ลงลึกสำรวจจิตใจฆาตกร ชอบรรยากาศและงานภาพ ฉากท้าย Ep.10 เราแอบสะใจนิดๆและระทึกพอๆกับฉากใต้ดินใน Zodi… https://t.co/MBJrGRfJqQ
RT @Ieannaxcx: ✨ zodiac thread ✨ (based on my experiences and general knowledge of the signs)
RT @TopDawgDesmond: Your wcw blaming her poor behavior on her zodiac sign again
RT @layaamoon: You don't believe in astrology bc you're looking at basic ass zodiac accounts that tweet shit like "Cancers love long walks on the beach".
@IndieWire Zodiac best.
RT @TScpPisces: Pisces are loyal, faithful and being home lovers will commit for life. https://t.co/icndSTptJe