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@for_own_despair 흠... 그럼 일단 인간의 존엄성을 좀 지키고 싶은데 식량의 위치와 또 뭐더라.. 지금 하는 실험에 대해서? 내 질문은 그쪽이네.
RT @Revulsionhc: Tickets for our tour with @MalevolenceRiff & @NO_ZODIAC go on sale at 10am today. https://t.co/fTvdR63NIn
I can't believe tomorrow it's my birthday already, time flies! What's your zodiac sign? Mine is #Aries ♈️ https://t.co/FWHMteZOcy
@hac_obe お迎えありがとうございました!フォローさせて頂きましたのでぜひぜひ仲良くしてください😶✨
@Zodiac_GP3 (뭘ㄹ묻겟냐는 표정이다)(애처롭)
@UT_GP3 @for_own_despair 지금 여기에는 굶주린 포크들이 엄청 많은걸 알고 있고 식인의 역사에 새로운 획을 긋고 싶으면 질문하는거에 대답하는게 좋을걸. (* 그는 UT곁에 서서 같이 물었다.)
RT @senotna: Everytime I talk to someone, I always ask what's their zodiac sign....
@a_do_1 ハイジョのレポまってるよ~!気づけば春名誕はあと3日……!?どーなつたくさん買ってあげなきゃね😇♡
RT @ONIKAxKING: Y'all seriously will cheat on your partners 27 times then blame it on they zodiac sign for the reason why y'all not… https://t.co/W8nIiqOPws
RT @AstroIogyZodiac: The Zodiac Signs Most Liked Traits https://t.co/PSnPvZuIJS
RT @SunilGiriGoswa5: @PMOIndia sir I booked flat in Amrapali Zodiac Noida in 2009 & paid full payment. But still waiting for possession. Pls help us.
RT @ShelbyReilly711: i looked up his zodiac and now it all makes sense
松本人志がロックバンド「WANIMA」のメンバーに?  「タウンワーク」新TV-CM「スタジオ」編 https://t.co/4VxQK6JWj6
Name: Ardhan Mahendra DOB: 1995, July 25 Birthplace: Japan Blood type: O Zodiac: Leo Weight: 68kg Height: 185cm
bakit hindi ako pinanganak na taurus ang zodiac sign https://t.co/TFji1rf3Km
깨서 비명 지르면 곤란할까봐 재갈물렸거든.
RT @Pamela_Moore13: Hillary Clinton shut down an investigation into pedophilia at the State Department. Ask yourself....why? https://t.co/rsh6Rkj3HR
@for_own_despair 아, 미안, 미안. 기다려봐. (* 우선 재갈부터 풀러줍니다.) 아까 밥 뺏어먹어서 미안하고. 물어볼거 있는데 그것만 물어보면 그냥 보내줄 수도 있어.