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RT @CGTNOfficial: Official of #Zimbabwe's ruling party: - Impeachment process will start if #Mugabe does not resign on Monday - Emme… https://t.co/1xOKFuSnRR
#Zimbabwe comme l’annoncions depuis le début de cette crise @edmnangagwa a été désigné ce jour par l’assemblée de l… https://t.co/Piua2wShMT
RT @AmichaiStein1: #BREAKING: Celebrations at Zimbabwe ruling party Zanu PF after sacking Robert Mugabe as party leader https://t.co/KuOSKruSxZ
RT @cgtnafrica: Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF sacks Mugabe as party leader, Mnangagwa takes leadership https://t.co/kHE2SLiMRh https://t.co/vST8vMuoCN
RT @LeonLidigu: Zimbabwe's ruling ZANU PF party has fired Robert Mugabe as its president. Mugabe's wife Grace along with cabinet mi… https://t.co/swdRppsfg5
RT @BrezhMalaba: Zanu PF chief whip has been ordered to "institute proceedings for the removal of Mugabe in terms of Section 97 of t… https://t.co/4Jb6jZb7pj
RT @robynkriel1: I agree that Zimbabweans need to be wary of the leadership that lies ahead. But I do think after 37 years that they… https://t.co/uOenHCDEN4
RT @saheemsaidu2006: BBC News - Zimbabwe's ruling party sacks Robert Mugabe as leader https://t.co/Za7Lu6282S
RT @SimuChigudu: As discouraging as this is, this piece is such an important take in #Zimbabwe situation: "Power to the party: Zimba… https://t.co/2GEcu3eHQU
RT @cnnbrk: Zimbabwe's ruling party expels Robert Mugabe as its chief, ramping up pressure on the leader to end his presidency… https://t.co/YBo5DGZFYP
President Aaara G Mugabe has been given the 20th November 2017 midday as a deadline to resign as the President of Z… https://t.co/ykT6YJObNA
RT @lionreporter: BREAKING +++++ Presidenza Mnangagwa ad interim fino al Congresso di metà dicembre dello @ZANUPF_Official #Zimbabwe
I honestly know so little about Zimbabwean politics. But I'll say this much. If white thieves start getting their f… https://t.co/cz6v9jC6XB
(Zimbabwe party: President Mugabe must resign or face impeachment) - https://t.co/hWiQxqTBny
RT @tehseenp: And we know there are many challenges for u #Zimbabwe . But this is your moment enjoy it.. and we will be there nex… https://t.co/7yjjnFo8zj
Zimbabwe ruling party: Monday deadline for Mugabe resignation https://t.co/OCPy60aUYt
Its impressive to see how peaceful and joyous the demonstrations across #zimbabwe has been. Decades of pent up emot… https://t.co/EMTug2RMZL
RT @cnnbrk: Zimbabwe's ruling party expels Robert Mugabe as its chief, ramping up pressure on the leader to end his presidency… https://t.co/YBo5DGZFYP
RT @elnathan_john: And the story won't even be about #Zimbabwe. While a 93 year old Mugabe (Forest Whittaker) is being deposed by the… https://t.co/QVyDrpkSOs
RT @TrevorNcube: REFLECT ON THIS 👇🏿 Did you experience/witness violence/looting during the solidarity march across Zimbabwe yesterda… https://t.co/rECzoECEjL
RT @PastorEvanLive: We’re praying right now at Africa Unity Square for our beloved Zimbabwe, come join us https://t.co/Hu0A2ib1Lj
RT @AJEnglish: BREAKING: #Zimbabwe's ruling party, Zanu-PF, has voted to sack President Robert Mugabe as its leader… https://t.co/4teRk2Ltn6
RT @allafrica: Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe Axed From Ruling Party https://t.co/a8DRbUyEcu #Zimbabwe https://t.co/TQQBNVXkbz
List of those held under army custody in Zimbabwe https://t.co/pcWmEaDyWO
RT @business: Zimbabwe latest: - Ruling party calls for Robert Mugabe to step down - Zanu-PF names Emmerson Mnangagwa as leader… https://t.co/lYaangieme