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RT @LifeinHeartland: UPDATE on @NWRefiningInc - all modules and major equip now in place; refinery ‘skyline’ now established. Details:… https://t.co/GZt51QmN8A
RT @jfkeeler: #NoDAPL - tonight's attack possibly a cover for drilling under Missouri by DAPL #WaterIsLife
RT @GlobalRevLive: LIVE https://t.co/i4vsxhHRaA law enforcement firing lots of tear gas & concussion grenades, people kettled around b… https://t.co/JjabilTopE
"If you hear a voice within you say 'you cannot paint,' then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced." —Vincent Van Gogh
RT @IENearth: NOW: Teargas, water cannons, LRAD being used on water protectors in North Dakota. Livestream… https://t.co/l6Srg5ipde
RT @kgosztola: Trump not inaugurated yet. This is on Obama to condemn. And police brutality against #NoDAPL water protectors been going on for months
https://t.co/uJ2kfTmBzI How do you compare to the greats #serial The Style Guide grid https://t.co/zwOUYVoQLp
RT @jfkeeler: #NoDAPL photos of DAPL drill in place to drill under Missouri without Army Corps permit via DAPL worker's FB https://t.co/TWFlqc9tAy
RT @jfkeeler: #NoDAPL photo via Myron Dewey of unarmed water protectors being fired on by militarized police going on NOW.… https://t.co/PN4TtRsyil
hello snapchat!!! why did the Mtv and Refinery channels went missing???
Curacao inks deal with China firm to run Isla refinery https://t.co/sIw9jYeiI6 via @Reuters
Calumet to hold meeting on planned refinery project https://t.co/wqzpl7y3IQ https://t.co/YHHwlA3xR6
Vintage Esso Mechanical Pencil, Bayonne Refinery, Family Day 1953, Lead Pencil, Petroliana.. https://t.co/UnEbdd0MaS #design #gifts
RT @jfkeeler: #NoDAPL Update: they are firing on the water protectors w/a water cannon in below freezing temperatures.
RT @jfkeeler: #NoDAPL Update: They are not militia, these are young women, grandmothers they are firing on w/water cannons.
Fires, explosions at Torrance refinery have neighborhood on edge - LA Times https://t.co/3rMdyWSacb
RT @jfkeeler: #NoDAPL- Water protectors put out fire started by police firing into the crowd.
RT @jfkeeler: #NoDAPL Militarized police firing on peaceful, unarmed civilians. #WaterIsLife https://t.co/IOdqrN6ska
RT @dabeard: In a profile, #Bannon says he learned communication approaches from Nazi propagandist Leni Reifenstahl… https://t.co/Jt5XqJMzre
RT @dallasgoldtooth: Morton County sheriff's department is using a f**king water cannon on our water protectors! Its 25 degrees Fahrenhe… https://t.co/wkvAydXkA4
The super moon over an oil refinery chimney https://t.co/krITbJTgpf
Calumet to hold meeting on planned refinery project https://t.co/89UwzJRG3v
@MyDesert It's kinda funny that something happens at that refinery yearly Gotta pad the pockets..................
RT @ETNOWlive: CS ON PETRONET LNG : Expansion benefits flowing through;Kochi losses to fall as BPCL refinery ramp up