Tweets about a recent trend: Zenyatta

I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/EMMbOHP5aP Zenyatta is OVERPOWERED!!!!!!/// Overwatch
I love how Zenyatta's voice actor @FeoChin is protesting like @GeorgeTakei on twitter… makes me look at the character a bit differently now.
@CopterKitty zenyatta's golden balls <ω<
Dive with zenyatta? 👀👀👀
If you play Zenyatta, ur bad.
LRT zenyatta is precious bean
@EojSewob Yeah both Genji and Zenyatta do me in when I play against them, yet when I'm them I have no hope! I wasn'… https://t.co/Y7UME7gpPC
//i had a zenyatta and a bastion account for like a week
@petercaveney Right?! and that Zenyatta dude. Massive fan of this new character though.
Sleep won't come, so here's a terrifying photo of zenyatta from #Overwatch https://t.co/10lvGHGC1Q
pharah and widowmaker should be 3 star difficulty heroes and zenyatta should be 2 stars
THE POLICE / ZENYATTA MONDATTA 日本盤orgレコード 帯なし。今更だけど、POLICE って上手いバンドww。曲はもちろん素晴らしいんですけどw コープランドのドラムやアンディのアレンジも凄い!今更だ… https://t.co/JtpG8DGK5O
RT @mdpotts: Imagine if Zenyatta replaced his orbs with pachimaris! #overwatch https://t.co/Bs85rvit70
@AllanahTheVA roadhog: she giggled! Zenyatta: I know it was incredibly cute... I mean what?
RT @ForsakenKcb: My face when @HeavenlyPlagues doesn't play Zenyatta and almost beats you in a 1v1... it was 9-8... https://t.co/3QJXgP70fO
I felt most honored when Zenyatta let me touch an orb.