RT @odydonc: Collier Lune, Agate Veinée, Collier Pierre Agate Lune, Bijoux Zen Boutik par zenboutik https://t.co/zbuFxGhSl6 via @ALittleMarket
me acabo de dar cuenta que rechace a zen por yoosung ,si esto no es amor no se que sea ah
@cyberkirch @StudShrine It's a powerful meme indeed, but also Zen and Tao.
Bay Park: Snorlax 53.3% (9/9/6, Zen Headbutt/Hyper Beam) til 14:45:34 (17m 25s). https://t.co/gUNCdgZ8eU
@MarionLel18 🙏🌷🌷🌷zen ahahaha
RT @Bob_Janke: I took some rocks out of my fish tank and turned my cat's litter box into a little zen garden https://t.co/rfvCWf03nL
RT @twi_yon: 【スミマセン】村松まつり 『ハリネズミのハリー』 https://t.co/nfAzaT0xyd #ツイ4 https://t.co/yeZzqkBQdV
RT @froghammer: I'm a moderate Democrat and my #1 issue is stopping cats from crapping in my zen rock garden. #27 is what's to be done with The Poors
What if he disrespects her... tries to tie her up... or anything weird, can't you have an alarm go off or something?
Love the fact that I can actually understand all of my Brazilian mutuals because I speak spanish. Thats so wild to me
ニャル子がいいソウル食べた(笑) ♯ポコダン https://t.co/R3epeBUWfS
RT @Rna___0: #حقيقة_الارهابي_عصام_العويد #عصام_العويد_ليس_ارهابيا توجهه الارهابي واضح في تغريداته ومحاولته الهرب اكبر دليل لجرم… https://t.co/va8YZSP3Bf
@yuasa0226 浅野先輩!お誕生日おめでとうございます🎉🎂
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RT @ZenEssentials: "When the student asked, 'I am very discouraged. What should I do?' Zen master Soen Nakagawa replied, 'Encourage others.'" | #Zen #quotes
@zen_pk_898 なんや、ワイもきゅるるんまっとこ✊💗