You don't want to let your aspirations out of your sight becau... More for Pisces https://t.co/RJrjcTZ3ct
RT @WrightmanAIM: #ZEN Today's RNS to exit small Argentinian assets a positive, allows refocus on larger Azeri fields & well workovers https://t.co/P5lgt3xu6R
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まどろっこしいロル(厨二)なら大丈夫だよな?セーフだよな? https://t.co/QbEAdvEpCt
I’ve defeated the RIDER in @PixelGun3D! Join my adventures now! #pixelgun3d #pixelgun #3d #pg3d #mobile #fps https://t.co/loqR9JlOv1
Paseo de la Escuela ZEN DO Jardín Japonés https://t.co/qthAR7kxT1
Welcome to the real world where college students don't get Presidents Day, MLK day, etc. off..
@vakibs @nileshtrivedi @jsaideepak this is a useless arg about Sanskrit based on few texts. We were never & still not a scientific society!
RT @jayeel_cornelio: Tmro DevStud is hosting @TheBottomlinePH with Tito Boy for @AteneoTALAB. See you at Zen Garden from 2pm onwards! @leloyclaudio @missalmazan
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RT @bigbiggyabc: จงมีชีวิตอยู่ต่อไป!
A Zen Master's Advice On Coping With Trump https://t.co/LIiiSo8pHN
RT @yoshiku449: 昔師事していた方が「絵、書、彫刻で魅力的にかつ効果的に大成したいなら多種多様に模写写生、模倣をし自分を捨てなさい、捨てて捨ててそれでも残ったものが自力です、私も未だに色々と捨てます」と仰っていた( ˘ω˘)
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RT @cheerz_junon: 【コメント動画公開中!】3/9開催 JUNON(@JUNON_jp ) Presents SPECIAL LIVEに出演のZEN THE HOLLYWOODさんのLIVEに向けた意気込みコメントを公開中!気になる動画かこちらから!… https://t.co/Ij9b2ZBjFj
"... Rei, there's no need to be frightened. Don't worry, I'll protect you." (zen) #rubybot
あとはレベルと覚醒とスキルマかぁ https://t.co/TUqKa4Xf2O
RT @sai_zen_sen: 【さらに予告!】『月の珊瑚』(佐々木少年 原作/奈須きのこ)最新話、近日公開予定! 震えて待機!! #月の珊瑚 #sai_zen_sen https://t.co/z4kqLh58kT https://t.co/JDt1O3450g