Post Below: This is one of the reasons I broke away from the Zen teachings. Because the God-Mind, exist in all men, women, children.
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@zen_musical She stopped, head tilted curiously as she watched him. "Watchya doing?"
@Stephie_Joe #Zen! I did his route and Yoosung's. Now i'm on 6th day on Jaehee's
関数解析は、素数で割り切れてしまう。 #レフラー球
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@SaKurA_LieChteN まぁそれなりに期待しつつ楽しむわ〜
(구석의 벤치에 앉아서는, 적어둔 메모를 훑어본다.) 그러니까, 여기 갔다가… 돈은 이만큼 쓰고…….