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@NextGenPlayer Outlast II really got me, along with Zelda BotW. Halo 4 as well...that one hit hard because I read a lot of the books.
RT @JVCom: 💎 Le concours ZELDAAA avec une Switch ! 💎 À gagner : - La SWITCH - Zelda : Breath of the Wild - Porté Clé Zelda BO… https://t.co/rMZroHjmgx
41. Zelda どこからともなく君の 麦わら帽子が飛んできて しゃれこうべになった 私のこうべに乗っかった これでもう日射病にならず 無限に繰り返される 8月を眺めていられるよ 助かるよ Zelda
RT @NintendoUK: Discover pieces of The Legend of #Zelda’s world in Sanctuary. @Diablo III: Eternal Collection on #NintendoSwitch in… https://t.co/XrTsQh3BUX
RT @LucieEbrey: I only just found out that concept art of Zelda from BotW had a pixie cut and I'm like HELLO https://t.co/nUv9MXhTjk
Got some leaks for ya. Super Mario maker was good where's Legend of Zelda maker.
RT @gsc_kahotan: 古代文明の遺物がねんどろいどに・・・! -------------------------------------------------- 【ねんどろいど ガーディアン】#ゼルダの伝説 #Zelda #goodsmile… https://t.co/S31GvyCu71
RT @gameinformer: Diablo III On Switch Has Exclusive Content From The Legend Of Zelda Series - https://t.co/3hXqecVv99 https://t.co/gqqdBpMled
@Marlon_Zelda Triste o molesto? yo triste... nah bueno triste no se podria decir pero como que la vida ultimamente anda estando aburrida :V
@KuroganeHammer Zelda as another Marth clone?
@OzuniScarlet Igual estas triste o molesto? Porque yo si lo estoy
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube https://t.co/Qv46A1Cyw9 Zelda: Ocarina of Time Speedrunner Nails Insane Record
RT @gsc_kahotan: 古代文明の遺物がねんどろいどに・・・! -------------------------------------------------- 【ねんどろいど ガーディアン】#ゼルダの伝説 #Zelda #goodsmile… https://t.co/S31GvyCu71
The Legend of Zelda and the Gravure Odyssey
Rayman, Shantae, Crash and Tails, I guess. I would love Skullkid but we have a lot of Zelda already so I would rat… https://t.co/aWyNGqpf2M
RT @radzero83: #TheLegendofZelda® Molblin's Magic Spear Golden book 📖 from #Nintendo was my favorite book as a kid that I picked u… https://t.co/pFK4Ja4Kt4
cada instrumental de the legend of zelda ocarina of time toca mi corazón
RT @NintendoEurope: Discover pieces of The Legend of #Zelda’s world in Sanctuary. @Diablo III: Eternal Collection on #NintendoSwitch in… https://t.co/MuRDlJF8HJ
Okay guys, hear me out...A Dance Dance Revolution style puzzle game where you play as characters from #Zelda, calle… https://t.co/FtxpH7Wj0C
It's like if Naughty Dog made The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, with heavy queer content.