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@WyattMcMinn Zeke better than David Johnson though
RT @PrepHoopsSC: Tre Jackson (2019) and Travis Thompson (2019) will be the leaders for the Blythewood Bengals this season for Head C… https://t.co/QDY5HRyaQQ
@Bai_DaBae You like boiled seafood we get it!!!
RT @ChillMachoke: "Sup dude, I'm Rex!" ☆A very chill Machoke ☆Not into fighting ☆Flist is on profile ☆Descriptiveness depends on wri… https://t.co/8Iw12UiVx9
RT @abbymlink: but zeke tho he was devoted to his passion (baking) & a girl (sharpay) that wasn’t even his, so he baked for sharp… https://t.co/PQVGb1h1mP
@aselkiwi Zeke san ? Oué peut-être car lui aussi il nous doit des explications
RT @CoryWalloch: Don’t fucking mess with this crab https://t.co/LtfjgOcVSy
RT @ems_joy: As I’m taking zeke on a walk (a Pitbull) a god damn random ass Chihuahua comes out of no where so I pick up zeke re… https://t.co/ILBAkQmULn
@zeke_n_n_z @b27e66 ファシズムは0° スターリニズムは360°
Shouts out to Zeke’s dad ☝🏾💯
RT @FriendlyAssh0le: Tweeting this vid so I never lose it https://t.co/iPJ0ogpfOr
QB - Rodgers RB - Zeke WR - AB TE - Gronk OT - Smith G - Martin C - Frederick https://t.co/Ao9ytYgOry
RT @_HBCURoundtable: We wanted to be grown so fuckin bad...... Now look at us....... https://t.co/6A9rR15DWh
Church Fam! As we welcome in baby Zeke, we would also like to bless Chris & Keri Miller with some food for the next… https://t.co/NKhUlmuRGR
RT @pezvolante77: 今では豪華列車か観光列車にしか存在しない食堂車 ブルートレインは勿論、新幹線、長距離特急にも連結されてた。 実は世の中全体が、ゆったりとした時の流れの中にあったんだな。 #今では信じられない昭和 https://t.co/uZNtjdcY43
RT @karenvela__: Lmfaooo 😂😂 “I’m titi from oak cliff Texas and can’t stop throwing these hands” https://t.co/Qah5J3y29N
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/hJeoOxA7fa 『VOCALOID』Miku & Luka ( ✨🎺✨ MEME)
@kodyolerud How is AP a bad person for disciplining his kid ? Zeke was falsely accused too.
RT @JessBelll1: who you’re working with can literally make or break your shift