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【デュエルマスターズ】優勝デッキレシピ 赤青レッドゾーン ZEKEさん https://t.co/HO71WWvth2 https://t.co/wWMrIcBDX2
Wait till you here this new lil zeke heat
“If I were gay I’d definitely let zeke fuck!” That, made my entire day LMAOOO 😍🤤☺️😋
RT @FootbaIl_Tweets: OBJ and the Giants at Sterling Shepard’s wedding live AF 😂😂 (via @chaneliman) https://t.co/CIKimuBA4t
RT @zofasho_: Be my peace, I done had enough pain
RT @howyouyougood: Someone said “when will Latinos get a Black Panther to call our own” and one of the comments said “you have Spy Kids be quiet” lmao
RT @RyanTheHoly: Cowboys front office doesn’t seem to be doing their best to get the most out of Dak and Zeke while they’re both sti… https://t.co/UrOEFxF2D9
RT @JerseyShore: Look what I just got my hands on! THE ORIGINAL JERSEY SHORE CASTING TAPES 😱 @VINNYGUADAGNINO’s reaction? Priceless.… https://t.co/dfc0i75rnw
it’s sad when u know something bad gonna happen and u don’t prepare😑
RT @EuSou_Gali: Never, I’ll be subtweeting my kids even. “Sis really thought she could sleep without washing the dishes,lmaoooo sh… https://t.co/RCYnESVGit
Comeback season bitttchhhh
RT @xeno2memebot: Mikhail: Would you rather be loved or feared? Zeke: I want people to fear how much they love me.
@zeketorres54 @molleyjohoggatt Zeke you know for a fact that I only sing Corbin Bleu’s parts 🤦🏻‍♂️
RT @IsabelleMcCrady: my dog charlie is severely over weight and was tryna get up the stairs today and i thought encouragement would help… https://t.co/iNmQ6QQniK
RT @954px: me: goodnight her: goodnight baby me: so where we landin boys? https://t.co/0OvtYTecJ0
lebron the best player in the NBA no debate
RT @overtime: Little man was taking no prisoners 😂 https://t.co/BYpF2k73RW