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One More Magazine. Ya empezó la tan esperada Boda Real de Meghan yvel Príncipe Harry. En la imagen la tenista Seren… https://t.co/JO4MDklJBq
@emiCambiemos @NunkMasKKs Si vos seguis defendiendo esto es porq estas paga. No hay otra explicacionn....es el gobi… https://t.co/siHxMNTGyN
RT @TacoDeAsadaa: $954 for a vip pass? i better be able to suck kali uchis titties https://t.co/fTAO36W3Ff
@yvel_flxrxs Brooo 🙈🙈 making me blush and shit
@yvel_flxrxs LA June 10 I believe on a sunday
@SugarTitsRaulie wtf when in june and where????
@yvel_flxrxs Fam come to RIF’s swampmeet sale in June you’ll find it
bro this is literally me with the off white chucks :( https://t.co/SdiDHdW9sV
damn what you doing out here with all this ass??? double cheeked up on a friday afternoon.... the suns still out https://t.co/SBMzwg1X4m
@yvel_flxrxs I’ve been to concerts and have experienced all that!
well idk about raves lmao but festivals are super fucking fun. meeting new people, listening to great music, taking… https://t.co/u3H91BNIbR
@j15mosquera @mevago09 @Torredeinversio Mentiroso es lo que eres, estuve en la hermosa Medellin martes con cipote a… https://t.co/uEduQmomI4
RT @jadedlxve: kids who mosh with their glasses on are braver than the marines
RT @_nicoooc: FRANK OCEAN FYF DAY 2. 🦋✨💖 TAKEN BY ME https://t.co/q2OSMIdFkA
RT @_nicoooc: FRANK OCEAN IN LOS ANGELES 🌹💫🌼 TAKEN BY ME https://t.co/3cM5MtBrGL
RT @_nicoooc: frank ocean at fyf, day 2 💟🏁✨ taken by me https://t.co/xwlf2ihPzc
RT @_nicoooc: 💘frank ocean, taken by me 💘 https://t.co/Gf7iAyYN4h
hope everyone is having a great day except people that put supreme stickers on the back windshield of their car
RT @annabelly101: i need a new job is what i say everyday as i clock in ☹️
RT @dearseokjins: i noticed that in fake love, some of the key symbolisms of past eras manifests itself into a bigger/greater form on… https://t.co/modPs0xBND