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RT @ILSANB0I: have a lil joonie doing The Thing to start ur day https://t.co/fhA32C3GlH
RT @tendership: all the predebut stuff on my tl is making me die shiufkdjnsjfsdfnskdlfnsdkf please stop they thought they were so hard
RT @tendership: txt i will support you but quit the instagram shenanigans i know y'all are a bunch of gen z's but i'm old and tired
RT @hetphobicyoongi: ngl this makes me incredibly soft and sad https://t.co/x9Ya01BmJ3
RT @tendership: this is their best photoshoot actually i never want to know what its official purpose was bc in my mind it's san di… https://t.co/MabWkS5tbG
RT @kittendiminie: why is it so hard to understand that no one is holding a knife to your throat saying you must stan them. they're ju… https://t.co/f70vFvObJN
@yvel_n aw this is so cute thank u :( laughing is good for you im glad
RT @yuseongguk: yoongi saw namjoon’s hair and said "there’s a reason we got so much hate" im done my lungs combusted https://t.co/JxthNNRyeh
RT @PEACHYBLACKG0RL: today’s kids will never understand the horrors of having to share ONE computer with the whole damn family
@btsonlyevents I just laughed at how adorable this is
RT @ddaengucci: joon really said that's he's been lazy.... LAZY... namjoon and lazy, these words don't go together. if working on a… https://t.co/3dC4uTBUNq
@yvel_n @strawberry_koo Your welcome 💜 I want to share this with everyone. look at how cute he is;-; https://t.co/UtyF7eBcho
just shattered my second phone in a month :)))))))
RT @bryanxreyes: Mr. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggger! , Mr. Raaaaaaager!
@tendership You made me laugh so much today 😂 thank you you're very sublime
RT @tendership: people who say hyyh yoonkook are brothers aren't just wrong but also displaying a critical misunderstanding of how… https://t.co/pSwLCXVbmu
RT @peachwonz: a thread of kpop fans wildin
RT @tendership: i've gained a lot from stanning bts but perhaps one of the greatest things is that my first thought when i almost g… https://t.co/Fqm2ENvSv3