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RT @2GP50cDsvihGqme: 電車で高校生の女子2人と男子1人が乗ってきて、 片方の女子と男子は付き合ってるっぽくて、ひたすら惚気聞かされてもう片方の女の子は何が悲しくて一緒に帰ってるんだろう?と思ってたら付き合ってる方の女子が降りた瞬間残った2人が自然と手を繋ぎだして 思わずむせた。お前ら昼ドラか。
i know i know i know.... yuup.
I'm a grandma now, and I like it. So goodnight 💤
RT @yaboytiller: Tbh, nipple piercings are sexy as fuck.
RT @lustandIove: sex with the right person is so addictive
@SACRIFICESOUI りょーかいです( ̄^ ̄)ゞ
Lmfaoo I love Twitter ❤️😂 https://t.co/5jRB8dmOkc
yuup , I bringing strippers wit me https://t.co/qrplLOxMbD
It sucks having to stay another year in college. I feel like now that my friends are gone I no longer have a support system on campus.
My 3 loved ones are really trying to make my last dreadful year here as comfortable as possible and I'm so grateful.
RT @MustafaThePoet: You used a mugshot of my bro that's almost 10yrs old. The least you can do is respect us after we pass. https://t.co/WqqXJDQwG8
Shanice came to visit this past weekend, Erik is coming to visit Friday, and Nahir is coming on Saturday. I am blessed! ❤️