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@kj_young_reezy @Cernovich More proof that this is true - "so that when you write negative stories about me no one…
Soon as Young Reezy close his eyes, it's lit for the game
@YankeesWFAN when people bitch about gary i'm like all cash has to do is call up any other team and ask to trade ca…
@Cernovich they discredit themselves. the coverage is always negative.
@NeilKeefe the almighty, untouchable, acquired for a backup catcher aaron hicks? he will start forever. while no-na…
RT @realDonaldTrump: For the first time since Roe v. Wade, America has a Pro-Life President, a Pro-Life Vice President, a Pro-Life House…
Too young to see tomorrow, too young to know it hurts
Listen to Young Og Pt. 2 Prod. Reezy x Wop by King Sayles #np on #SoundCloud
@kj_young_reezy @KyleKashuv @benshapiro Look at you.. falling for a larp and publicly exposing it.
@ryker_hoppe @KyleKashuv @benshapiro fuck them. thousands are going to jail. no thanks to shappy
@kj_young_reezy @KyleKashuv @benshapiro Then go to the young turks they might be more your style.
@KyleKashuv @benshapiro win what? ben is useless when it comes to winning. #Q
RT @JayceLewis5: a message to this new generation of young adults. “Don’t abuse God’s grace”.
@LisaMei62 flood = several thousand indictments?
@YankeesWFAN sween, what’s their long-term plan at LF/CF?
@NolteNC i’m just shocked a total kuk just acknowledged the existence of the deep state
@NolteNC the cabal will burn.
Listen to Young Reezy - On My Own by #CantStop DJ Fetti Fee #np on #SoundCloud
Birthday shoutout to fam Jimmy Lamons What it do. Nicobe Esther Courtney Nelson Indiee Dyson and Johnny Young. Birt…
young reezy never jokes about his paper stacks
@JosinaAnderson @NYGDaily i like the new regime trying to salvage a 10th overall pick, and flowers.