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RT @reIatabIe: When Christmas items are already in store and it's not even Halloween
RT @reIatabIe: When you're failing 7 out of 5 classes and you're trying to act like everything's fine
RT @girlposts: A little somethin to take the edge off
I'm young reezy I goes where I wanna go nigga
Young Reezy!!!!!!
RT @TweetLikeAGirI: How I study for college vs how I studied for HS
Young Reezy why you snackin so hard?
13 in MacBook hard case, marble gold design. Still in package. Comes w front & back piece plus keyboard cover. $15!!
RT @SexualGif: When your text gets ignored
RT @reIatabIe: I would literally rather get punched in the face than tell the class a fun fact about myself
RT @girlposts: this is the best video ever
RT @AcidSpitter94: girls love extra. that could be extra texts, extra kisses, extra compliments, extra anything. we love extra
Young Reezy move that dope
RT @ImJustJackie_: Thinking about how much homework I have like
RT @girlposts: *something embarrassing happens 2 me* me:im SO embarrassed no one can EVR know abt this me 2 secs later on twitter:
when you workin hard then your money start expandin