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If you lie , you're only playing your self
@RepGeneGreen @HouseDemocrats YOU LIE! We, who are living with Obamacare know how bad it is. We're paying HUGE premiums for zero coverage!
I thought your "best pal" was meant to be there for you through tough times but makes it worse by saying you lie about it all🤒remembered
When you play me, you play yourself Don't play yourself When you lie to me, you lie to yourself You only lying to yourself.
RT @ElvisDuranShow: Do you lie to your family about being a smoker? How do you hide your habit?
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry... that's alright because I love the way you lie. I love the way you lie. Oh! I love the way you lie.
@ccurlzzz now why would you lie like that 💀
RT @Slauts1: When your boy helps you lie and you win the argument against your girlfriend
RT @Slauts1: When your boy helps you lie and you win the argument against your girlfriend
I love the way you lie np
@AmbassadorRice you tried to blame #Benghazi on an Internet video. You lie when the truth would serve you better. #Propagandist #Liar
RT @leighbruan: sorry, i'm not Rihanna. i don't love the way you lie 🖕🏻
RT @jb1148: "He doesn't know these gentlemen": Kellyanne Conway. Really, Ms. Conway, learn to use Google before you lie again.
俺はゲームに疲れたんだ ただ彼女に戻ってきてほしいだけだ、 俺は嘘つきなんだよ もし彼女がまた 逃げようとするんなら 俺は彼女をベッドに括りつけるだろう それからこの家に火をつける (Love The Way You Lie)
RT @Funny: When you lie on your application but get the job anyway.
RT @alexb95_xoxo: When you lie to me about stupid shit im taking that as an insult to my intelligence. I know the answer before I ask the question 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
RT @TaurusIsMagic: If you lie to a #Taurus they will never forget the lie.
Hey, there IS an upside for the Alt-Right in all of this: YouTube has banned any LGBTQ content and still let's you lie however you like.
RT @yalcinizbul: As you make your bed, so must you lie in it. (upon it, on it) = Kendi düşen ağlamaz. Verdiğin kararların sonuçlarını yaşamak zorundasın.
RT @DanielleNRiis: @AmbassadorRice You're kidding, right? Veracity? VERACITY?!?!? From YOU?!?!? That's a joke!!😂How many Sunday shows did you lie on? #BENGHAZI
RT @YoungandHungry: When a hot stripper walks in the door, you lie. #YoungAndHungry
RT @LeesyPeesy: So a surprise, you lie again today. Ivanka just got security clearance. Do she can peddle her crap? You are really…