You Got Served

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Karma has no menue..You got served what you deserved..
@caffeinec0ld dress as a waiter, write great comebacks on paper plates and throw at others. Then proceed to scream "YOU GOT SERVED". Run
You got served is on !πŸ˜‚
RT @aPERFECTblemish: Satan always working. I randomly wake up and You Got Served on knowing I was supposed to go right byke to sleep 😩 now I gotta perform.
RT @VanDerek_: Greatest dance battle since You Got Served
If you've ever watched You Got Served and didn't wanna become a dancer after you lyin
RT @babeeey_jaay: lil saints death in you got served still gets to me
You got served is on πŸ”₯ayeee
RT @ejw__: should be getting my back blown out but I'm just sitting here watching you got served 😊
RT @yungdomdom: I swear You Got Served stay coming on MTV and VH1 at this time πŸ˜‚
RT @__SailingSouls: wait why is you got served trending lmao im going to bed. #riplilsaint
RT @Flashyboy_D: Y is you got served trending at 5 am lol gud movie doe!!!! #YouGotServed
RT @Joshh2x: I've watched You Got Served probably a million times. Literally.
RT @ReadSOMMag: If you watched You Got Served Retweet this! #YouGotServed #RT
Y is you got served trending at 5 am lol gud movie doe!!!! #YouGotServed
RT @JuicedUpTy: Me when I watch you got served
RT @KiddPowell: MTV just went from Friday to You Got Served lol. Cmon man I'm trying to go to sleep
RT @ETizghost: As I get older I realize how bad the acting was in "You Got Served" but also how good the soundtrack was!
RT @DMusaaa: You Got Served will never get old ✊🏾