You Got Served

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@JoshFrydenberg @JayWeatherill You got served Josh and it was fanfuckingtastic to watch ...Jay the tour will set you free
RT @_jasnotjazz_: This is a You Got Served Moment #TheQuadBET
@1Omarion possibilities of y'all creating you got served 2??
@bainjal You got SERVED, next book title. "I got SERVED" @ShefVaidya @UnSubtleDesi @TajinderBagga
RT @_jasnotjazz_: This is a You Got Served Moment #TheQuadBET
Felt like Omarion/Chris Brown on this damn ice. Looked like I was in "You Got Served In The Yard"
RT @VibesByChris: Ma , ya MCM don't even know all the dance moves from You Got Served
@RyanWithey1 @jacklyons02 @Shead1874 @AJ3 delusional mancs thinkin they can compete with chelsea 😂you got served by rustov and blackburn ffs
Movies like step up, stomp the yard, and you got served be lit lol
RT @thugtear: ed sheeran look like the evil white ppl from you got served
Lmao you got served bra accept 😂
RT @cduub3: Bro look like he belong on you got served 😭
RT @_jasnotjazz_: This is a You Got Served Moment #TheQuadBET
I really want to watch you got served now #b2kwasmychildhood