You Can Keep Selling

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@PPact @HillaryClinton Yes you can "Pay for Play" so you can keep selling dead baby parts for profit! #LockHerUp
@shad0vv_m0rph they still last too long to be profitable. As a company you need your thing to break more often so you can keep selling more
*sigh* Deus Ex sidequest re: drugs. You can't just be like "you can keep selling, but tell augs it'll kill them!"
For a businessman, a small, devoted clientele can be a viable strategy. You can keep selling to the same customers over and over again.
@thecity2 why make fresh kicks when you can keep selling the same pair of retro Jordans?
You can keep selling $2 funerals just to get your numbers up . . .
@5h_apparel you can always ask the girls or there management but you can keep selling them bc your not doing anything wrong.