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Check out Nintendo Wii Complete Game SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2 + Yoshi Many Worlds & New Stages https://t.co/oDnJGbAIEF via @eBay
@shirasaki_mayu 馬鹿ぐいしてるのか笑
@timeachris it's the yoshi of breath of the wild, giving you the 100 1-ups you don't need, but hey, you met yoshi.
RT @Oh_bela: These trials and tribulations are only preparing you for the huge blessings that are coming your way🤗 https://t.co/VmOFJMzka3
What's the games for iMessage
Yoshi needs to leave my mans alone
@aSunnyPlxce -Y ella escogió a Yoshi. Promete controlarse esta vez.- Cierto, pero es divertido jugar juntos.
@hiyuyyu falou q tava com sdds?
@Yoshi___bot ボクもそう思うよ!
@yoshi_ho9 a gente fala que tá com saudades da pessoa e esse tipo de coisa acontece
RT @philipmanansala: You could even draw yoshi and put my head on him lol I like silly things... the sillier the better 😋
映像電伝虫発見! 長い間!!!くそお世話に、なりました!!! https://t.co/MGAScNKOJu #トレクル https://t.co/fVMQ0tKLPH
@Nee_OnYourMIND you right ‼️‼️👌🏾🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂
Я тут с https://t.co/Gf0uCR63Ur устроил коллаб и вышло просто охиренно. Моя голова, его все остальное. https://t.co/67JVyETcVS
RT @Nee_OnYourMIND: @_Yoshi_B lol you gotta do better... if I did it I know you can
映像電伝虫発見! アーロン一味を激写しました! https://t.co/MGAScNKOJu #トレクル https://t.co/8UQxToq3Ce
Me ha gustado un vídeo de @YouTube de @DeiGamer (https://t.co/CzPqaNLS53 - 25 MANERAS DE MATAR A YOSHI XD - Y Jorge nos cuenta que...
モアイ像は何という島にあるでしょうか? A.スピリチュアル島みたいな