@brrandaconda buy me a new iPhone 7 🙄
RT @iPhoneTeam: The iPhone 8 will use virtual buttons rather than a home button.
RT @BlackQueirdo: Motha fuckas love blaming poor people for being poor. "If you're low income why you got cable and an iPhone?"
@f_as1tks 歩きながら学校に電話したいと思ってiPhoneの電話帳探すんだけど、私が遅刻するのは高校なのか中学なのか、はたまた、と、なぜか小学校に電話をかけて「自転車がトラブったので遅刻します」「風が強いけど大丈夫?」「大丈夫です」と電話口の誰か先生に伝える #夢
@AdriaandeJongh Wow! Congratulations! I’ve been loving it. (on iPhone though)
#ObjetivoTrampasFiscales ¿Cuántos estáis twiteando con un iphone o con un smartphone con android vestidos de Zara en un café de Starbuks?
Keeping your data safe when crossing borders https://t.co/lA68bbVSMK #iPhone ?
RT @activist360: REPORT: Trump blatantly lied again — his lawyer hand-delivered Mike Flynn a secret plan to lift sanctions on Russia https://t.co/OYQkRQD279
@K5iro31 ☞こちらのサイトに解除の方法がまとめられていたので参考にしてください! https://t.co/OpNtiRTYWV
Me da tristeza ver iphone asi de toros, pareciera que se los regalan, no cuidan una muerda
@VerizonSupport My family's 3 lines changed to @TMobile. Thanks for your service. BTW, how I do care of my three iPhone 6s payment remains?
【iPhone】1度でクセになる『1週間でやせるリセットダイエット』 (ブログ) https://t.co/QLTHxnkW2Q
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iPhone 7 🖤
O q é q ela diz?? é q nem toda a gnt tem iphone mas tá interessado em saber!! https://t.co/RbSgOKikRr
RT @michaeldweiss: Jesus. Trump's lawyer, a mobster and a Manafort-minted Ukrainian pol are trying to blackmail Poroshenko. https://t.co/loTQd8cuWH
モイ!iPhoneからキャス配信中 - https://t.co/GkoV3BfoOs
RT @jonallendc: Trump atty Michael Cohen, under investigation by FBI over Russia, per @nytimes, is one who said man can't rape wife. https://t.co/QaxmaTVage
RT @cutest_children: iPhone取り競走( ̄▽ ̄) 「手はおひざ」「よーい、どん」 「やったー!もっかい!」 これかわいすぎ😊 https://t.co/Ip88CLaI8G
RT @iDropNews: How to Take Better Photos with Your iPhone #applenews https://t.co/1aIl3fElTN