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너무 모순이다..자기 작품이랑은 상관 없는 일이다 이건가...
RT @Brahmachitt: The eminent speakers have arrived and "Shikhar" the youth conference on Yoga in "Odisha Yog Mahotsav-2017" started.… https://t.co/WAgImN5AKP
@Yog_shi i took a hiking trip with my dad and it was cool but it didnt make me like him any more or less dialogue wise
RT @themiltron: scully: victim died of multiple stab wounds mulder: *throws her a file* ever heard of the knife alien
RT @dkashikar: Students of @SriSriU performing Ananda - an expression of yog as dance set to a fusion of traditional and contempor… https://t.co/vtNxuVRH7i
@Intrepid_Feline sounds like you should take a camping trip
RT @shaft_official: 【Anime Japan2017】商品情報①「KEY ANIMATIONクリアファイルセット」名場面が印刷されたクリアファイルに複製原画を封入。原画と場面写を見比べて楽しめます「化物語(ひたぎクラブ)」「ひだまりスケッチハニカム」… https://t.co/QtmyxDMBDY
@Intrepid_Feline Relationships of any kind are a crapshoot. Try however much you can stand, they'll work out or they wont.
@Intrepid_Feline everything in moderation. humans are social/solitary creatures that crave solitude/community
@Ima_Ga_Saikou When I grew up I did away with childish things, including the desire to be very grown-up.
RT @KevinEArgueta: @yog_jp diamonds dancing 💎💎💎 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #artist #music #portraithttps://t.co/EO2U4fpgxE
make Demolition Man future Real.
RT @m_m_myers: Why is Arnold fucking Schwarzenegger the only Republican with a shred of empathy, decency, and dignity? Seriously. https://t.co/rRup9D6AxR
@Yog_shi @Guykatsu Oh it is me with like most anime from that time
@Ima_Ga_Saikou @Guykatsu I relate to that feeling if not the substance.
RT @dkashikar: #odishayogmahotsav yog is beyond limitations - exemplified by guru Nityananda who learnt classical dance after beco… https://t.co/dKq3JBXy7f
@ReisengRath @Guykatsu does watching the first episode in 2012 and completely forgetting about it for almost 5 years count for anything?
RT @dkashikar: #odishayogmahotsav contemporary music blended with ancient yog - like a river that's ancient yet ever new.. https://t.co/QKlUpfcEQK
@Guykatsu gotta do something when AiStars end.