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Me yog mata kako i kawa mahayogi gurudev pilot babaji at sasaram bihar sobha yatra bilot baba dham in sasaram https://t.co/WubVQ1BfU6
We are all jags fans today
@CronusofASoul @Yog_shi On my most hardcore days, I'd play upwards 5 hours or more. Haha, do yeah, I relate. But,… https://t.co/oQSzvNqEd1
RT @Mrkkc5: Geroge Michael and his charity work. Simply amazing and unique. Miss you every day Yog xxx https://t.co/Cv3A27dxRW
RT @yogrishiramdev: Patanjali's Yog Acharyas - Acharya Bhardwaj & Acharya Smit will be conducting Yoga sessions at @wef at @Davos, firs… https://t.co/uUKc0yBPc6
RT @HinduJagoran: Tomorrow #SaraswatiPuja - The Most Popular Vedic Hindu Goddess Of #Wisdom & Intellect. Since Vedic Time Till Now, E… https://t.co/hf6SALNl48
RT @Gopalee67: Tomorrow I'm to interact with students of @iitmadras to speak in Sanskrit on why our traditional Sastras are best l… https://t.co/AU7IpPHBfC
Yog:お姉ちゃんからのメールに、 「ごめんね、お風呂入ってた。今、神と化してるから、終わったら電話するね」と書いてあった。 お姉ちゃん………?
RT @RajniJa91054755: When and how it will stop... Why our system is so helpless to save innocents.. Will any media channel show it as… https://t.co/SiLRxwcyBV
RT @rvaidya2000: i dont understand --why TV chnnls have Muslims/christians talking about Andal/hindu issues --I think this should st… https://t.co/LJwUJKatey
RT @MulaMutha: Jagdish temple #Udaipur. 20 men gave their lives saving it from #Aurangzeb's army... https://t.co/ov9aJaTGHD
RT @darthloquacious: @pattonoswalt @billyjoel 🎼 Yog Sothoth is a real estate Nyarlethotep and Cthulhu’s at the bar, looking at the stars… https://t.co/AwbJRBdvmk
Sual eylen bizden evvel gelene Kim var imiş biz burada yoğ iken #ZeytinDalıHareketı https://t.co/hdPUAUuYBH
RT @namo_satya: Muslims life revolves around Islam Quran, #ShariaLaw, #TripleTalaq, #halala, polygamy.... etc I have never seen Mu… https://t.co/4TNpdrBDTn
RT @PaperFury: THINGS WRITERS ASK THEMSELVES • how much ice cream do i deserve if i edit 3 sentences • is this an excellent idea o… https://t.co/cuqHgMFEgB
as villain entrances go; this is pretty high up there, sky literally turning red with warning and raining blood. https://t.co/AUEGJ6PNd7
@Yog_shi add on top of that that these are all day-1, pre-order, MMO diehards who got the NervGear hardware specifi… https://t.co/6oNxshaP4F
RT @ShootinThoughts: Most of what @OpIndia_com publishes can be labelled "exclusive". They report stories which other media outlets want buried.
@CronusofASoul oh right! i missed the 1:00. foolish me for missing that
RT @KTHopkins: If Islam is so fantastic... why is it that Muslims always seem to flee to Christian countries?" https://t.co/QFXL8udhvo
@Yog_shi Kirito purposefully logs in when his NervGear says 1:00, and Klein is all "I've got a pizza coming at 5:30"