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There are some that believe balloon boy is still up there, watching over us
❝Now that I think about it nightmare balloon boy takes my spot in the hallway for a more 'halloween feel'.❞
❝Why is Balloon Boy rude.❞ Crosses his arms.
@CreatorOfThem [ He tilted his head .] " Scary story it is ." [ Balloon Boy cleared his throat.] " Once upon a time , no . One evening +
Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube https://t.co/9WobcI0R2q| Balloon Boy Reacts to Sister Location Trailer| HD
Tonight Balloon Boy and the Ghost of Seasons Past hit the dance floor at the Monster Mash. We… https://t.co/F462kVvIgh
Me gustó un video de @YouTube de @ItsGottaBSarahC https://t.co/xgmR15ToSB Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Balloon Boy Make-Up Tutorial
Canción de Balloon Boy (GENDERBEND) | FNAFHS https://t.co/KYpFScyhhF vía @YouTube
Me gustó un video de @YouTube de @GavinToys https://t.co/O1LYZfrI4L FNAF McFarlane Bricks Phantom Freddy and Balloon Boy
@TheBalloonChild Springtrap stomps his foot, trying to get balloon boy to stop. "I SAID THAT'S ENOUGH!"
In the new trailer is that....Balloon boy's SISTER?!~ #BonnieBot
@XxTrappedSoul [ He groaned in annoyance ] " I don't care about respecting my elders!" [ Balloon Boy snapped ]
@TheBalloonChild Springtrap drop kicks balloon boy. "RESPECT YOUR ELDERS!"
@TheBalloonChild Springtrap hands balloon boy a flashlight. "Here, just go play with this.'
@TheBalloonChild Springtrap picks up balloon boy, lifts him out of the trashcan, and places him on the floor in front of him.
@TheBalloonChild He smacks Balloon Boy hard with the steel boron
@TheBalloonChild "Probably not." He picked up balloon boy, and put him in the trash.
@XxTrappedSoul [ Balloon Boy rolled his eyes.] " Don't you feel anything?"
@PizzaOrBrokeAF [ Balloon Boy growled slightly before following him.] " I'm dangerous!"
"Balloon boy is an adorable smol, but he's also the devil."
@PizzaOrBrokeAF [ Balloon Boy pushed him back , well , tried to .]
@CreatorOfThem " MY wallet . MINE . Balloon Boy's wallet . I possess the wallet . It's my property . And If you attempt to steal it I'm +
Like Breaking Benjamin...My band would be Breaking Bonnie. *Smiles* ..And not Balloon Boy! #BonnieBot
RT @Mi00Sauiro: Para @yumy_grapes este es tu balloon boy :3 espero te guste (◜०﹏०◝) #FNAFHS @edd00chan https://t.co/cqqbCLCbzx