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@antigone_spit unrelated but: i have a conspiracy theory about balloon boy, its pretty compelling
I was concerned for "Balloon Boy" too until it was discovered to be a media hoax. If Keaton is being bullied, can w… https://t.co/MslKy9cJas
this whole keaton jones situation is literally the balloon boy hoax 2.0
RT @abeduyak3: hey do you guys remember balloon boy
In the new trailer is that....Balloon boy's SISTER?!~ #BonnieBot
Keaton is the new Balloon Boy
remember balloon boy ?
RT @thoed_life: This Keaton kid is 2017’s balloon boy.
@Enohead @Caissie Must be a CO thing. My dad's house was empty at the time and he lived closer to the balloon boy.… https://t.co/DP7yUXxa5l
This Keaton kid is 2017’s balloon boy.
Programming note: The @WifeSwap episode featuring the balloon boy’s parents (before he was the balloon boy) is on… https://t.co/gCaTMTyS1T
@Enohead @Caissie Actually @BusyPhilipps deserves some credit too. I never would’ve sent @Caissie ‘s tweet about ba… https://t.co/E4a3LbKqbF
RT @samknight1: I haven't done the research, but it sounds like Keaton is basically Balloon Boy but for racist parents.
That Keaton video was a hoax and she succeeded, like the Balloon boy hoax in 2009. Its all about the $$
@halrudnick Its Balloon Boy And “Milkshake Duck” all over again.
@Enohead @Caissie And to think it all started with a tweet about this crazy day. Yes that is balloon boy's house. https://t.co/c1169pDdS1
6月頃に買ったFNaF2巻をようやく読み進めている 全体の8割まで来たところでPuppetやBalloon Boyら2のメンバーがやっと登場したぞ! ここから?!
Say word the episode of wife swap with balloon boy and his family on. They look cuckoo af.
RT @AustinPSmith96: @BillyRecce @catreynoldsnyc This is very, very odd to me because yesterday I discovered balloon boy on The Internet… https://t.co/TJ6Zsgku1e
@JMoneyMC This is like balloon boy all over again
RT @VieleeParmesan: This was one of the stupidest sagas I’ve seen unfold on the internet. Shame nobody will learn from this. no one lea… https://t.co/AbA086v9LF
remember balloon boy