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@natsusmilemusic おいおいおーい!置いてかないで😂笑 おめでとーうヽ(゚∀゚)ノ
@BlakeSpauld12 All fun and games til mo bamba come on
RT @PhazeGod: Can we start challenges like this??! Niggas can literally clean the whole planet lol https://t.co/iNffbndWIc
First thing first, rest in peace Uncle Phil https://t.co/KprIPw6Ts6
RT @My_Naition: niggas said music hit different when you sneak dissing the person in the car😂😂😭😭😭😭😭
RT @rolandsmartin: I see that @jess_hilarious has apologized to Sikhs & others. She says she’s “ignorant” to a lot of ish and is growi… https://t.co/fiFjum6bht
RT @kicksonfire: The Air Jordan 4 Bred is releasing earlier than expected 👀 Head over to https://t.co/HhV2hNVdRI for all the details… https://t.co/yRa8Y3XMrl
@Larry_YGRN @toneflvcko @Sarfranklin98 Versatile 2! He was all over the place but his brain be putting shit together like a mf lol
RT @JustinDiorBaker: 6 yr old me: 16 yr old me: 24 yr old me: 32 yr old me: 50 yr old me: ⚪️───────────── 0:01… https://t.co/eqZ2SQdNJe
@toneflvcko @Sarfranklin98 Niggas really need to listen to shit like versatile, side nigga, can I Kodak has some of… https://t.co/eS3Gq5ifuW
RT @wizkhalifa: Anyone else wear shorts to meetings and smoke pot the entire car ride there?
RT @pattiemallette: Love is so much better than fear.
@YGRN_0201 @Noa83129 ストーリー荒れててごめんねぇ😅 ありがとう💗
RT @Anisha_S113: Hey, @jess_hilarious! This is my husband @KarthikRau. We are celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary today! A day f… https://t.co/mUiZ7UlW49
@scooterbraun JB5? AG TOUR SUPRISES?
RT @AriLennox: Damn I think I just moved to the wrong apartment complex. My white neighbor went out his way to make his gun visibl… https://t.co/STdGfTaohy
@YGRN_0201 あー‼️ 有難うございます😇 向こうにもコメントくださってる‼️ 覚えました。笑