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RT @FlossOnEm: Forex niggas the new Jehovah witnesses
RT @Godfidencee: I quit my job today to pursue my chef business/plate sales full time, need exposure A RT/Like can introduce me to m… https://t.co/xOIbsPFZQ5
RT @jizzzzelly: And love, I haven’t got enough practice - 🌹 https://t.co/SPcXtc5tcN
RT @shannac__: Nobody: Black ppl first time at anyone’s apartment: “how much is yall rent?”
@ygrn_zay @_SKYTEAM @MilkyWayMasterr @Tomsznn Lmao with who? I wasn’t guarding you 🌚
RT @bacazach: me everytime kanyes verse drops on american boy https://t.co/h3FAR4mVMl
RT @GMLFC_: Trying to get my summer body 😭 https://t.co/oHpIXpxNgo
@ygrn_zay lemme know if you tryna run it up on the 2s.
RT @Corby_Corbs: This is classic White women behavior... Attack somebody & then when confronted about it peacefully you play the vic… https://t.co/uRqpE2uq65
RT @khscar12: You know what....for some reason....I'm not mad at the song choice. https://t.co/BgApqvjjAk
RT @justinbieber: Talking with @scooterbraun and we just realized we can’t find double stick popsicles!! This is crazy. @Popsicle we… https://t.co/zwUF6MMJjS
RT @RAofficial__: When you slide into her DMs and get hit with “I swear you DMd my friend like a week ago?”” https://t.co/YDt4YTapcb
RT @pattiemallette: I don’t care. 🎵💃🏻 But I also sometimes care. 😎