Tweets about a recent trend: Yes~

@_SashaXVI what if I wanna say yes , then can I say maybe
@Valdezology @Rexwolff2 Well, that’s the Fate route, yes.
RT@RobHillSr: Takes awhile to realize your life can't stop at other people's understanding of it... ↔ YES!
RT @existentialcoms: For sure the stangest thing about 2017 so far is that I've had to come out and say that, yes, I am in fact in favor of punching Nazis.
@MessyFr3ak yes yes full on patriotic!😝😝
You Moe Bonny are major dogs. — Moe and Bonny yes. Me
RT @layaamoon: Yes, I just feel like it can only go so far when you don't actually link up.
RT @ericaretona: Yes! Worth it ang paghihintay ni Lala. ☺ #LLHopeful
RT @reyestokyo: @mbchavez86 yes like ko rin ganito kaabang abang ano ang ma develop sa kanila MAYMAY HongKongAdventure
@stateofflowvets if you burn a limo to the ground- yes, that's not only dangerous and STUPID, but considered a felony- I am fine with that
You looking for a BF? Yes or no? — nah my ps4 is all i need to keep my happy
@JustPlainBill Yes, he is, and how many lies has he told so far?
RT @katyperry: Yes warrior woman. 🙌🏻
RT @MeemawKate: "Are you still watching?" Yes, Netflix. I didn't magically get my shit together in the last three hours.
Hahaha sooooo frickin (yes I spelt It the backwoodswaygetoverit) excited😂😂😂😂😂😁😁