Tweets about a recent trend: Yes~

RT @cliffordmangata: el video de mrs potato head ya tiene más de 6 millones de visitas YES
Love waking up to a lot of notes. Yes 5 is a lot for me.
RT @CodyJP9412: Yes! Christmas music! I love this time of the year! ~Psychopaths
RT @girlposts: "you ever miss how someone was when y'all first met?" yes
I have a request to all.. Yes.. I am taking the name YASH MISHRA IS A MAD BLOCK HIM AND LIVE IN PEACE! I am doing it!
Should i ult jinho and seungsik — ULT JINHO YES and i dont stan victon but i feel lik...
RT @EJLandwehr: #BREAKING in #StolenElection: According to @PalmerReport the MSM IS LYING! Pennsylvania #Recount2016 STILL HAPPENING
Yes.That little piece of magic. The stream, the fish, the flaming Chinaar guarding & gracing he entrance driveway,…
คู่กรณี - Yes'sir Days【OFFICIAL MV】 ข้อมูลจาก @YouTube
RT @tyleroakley: I FINALLY CAUGHT A DITTO!! ...yes, i'm still playing Pokémon Go
If they are the most effective person for that post, yes.
@rimoshk Yes and this album is their best so far😍
@Harshi2211 @ArmaanMalik22 Yes! Juz not bcuz i luv him but he deserve it in al d way as a gud person, an amazing singer, a dedicated human😇☺
RT @blkgrlnae: i'm sure no one on earth ask to be here- our parents brought us into the world yes, and every child has every right to criticize how
@cardcaptortae i really shouldnt be but yes i am hahaha