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RT @DarkReading: Three Essential Elements of Next-Gen Endpoint Protection #Whitepaper from @CrowdStrike #tools #solutions #questions
✧ 달콤한 노란색 핑크빛으로 물들여져 닿아서 떨려오네 자 네가 손을 뻗으면 yes! -mermaid festa vol.2
RT @svchie: mad annoyed irritated pissed off sad tired upset ugly hungry loud quiet screaming anxious not in the mood pretty ugh shut up no YES what
@ABSaks well I don't listen to the CBO but yes
@ThirdandVermont Yes they should have, but remember he has not been at UNC for 36yrs
RT @yugbug: Yes, this time I really was lucky. I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to talk with you guys. Please take c…
@Lunacy111 And yes can't believe Jane is retiring; breaks my heart as I grew up with her
YES! I did it! I'm victorious! N-not that I'm surprised. I knew I would win!
Yes, we know this is the definition of extra, but RIP Jose Cuervo. On eagle's wing 💔@dizzy_lizzy9
RT @bugattibeez: i love being ignored. yes, ignore tf outta me.
RT @jaboukie: me: is extra cheese free chipotle employee: yes me: can i get extra cheese chipotle employee: yes me, turning to ca…
Sousuke: hey there cutie *winks* you come here often? Murasame: ...yes? This is my classroom. You walked me here
RT @shinhanazoa: yes jayoung baby join us!
RT @OlicitySizzles: @kryptoguy95 @smoakinthief @mguggenheim @Deadline oh yes and her darling fans are even more right, right?
RT @NiallOfficial: @mattletiss7 yes mate. Good to see you too.