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Van Bastens proposed changes to football are rediculous😂 no offside, 4 quarters, no yellow card, sin bins😂😂 milk someone else's goat Marco!
@Peersy23 probably best to change your profile or you'll have a yellow card from the Pats fans 😂🔴⚪️
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@Sapientia953FM i think van basten is correct d offisides and yellow card rules should be abolished in football
@Sapientia953FM d abbolishment of yellow card wil mak players careful wit d tackles, imagine its 4 30mins nd u get a bookin by d 60th mins
This new FIFA wants to ruin the reputation of the game. As if 46 nation s for d world cup is not enough, now they want to scrap yellow card?
@madridista_ffm Orange card = one between yellow and red. Player gets sent to 'SinBin' for a 10 mins before he can return to the game
RT @ALeague: 20’ | YELLOW CARD for Harry Ascroft for bringing down Fornaroli. 1-1 #ALeague #MCYvCCM
RT @ALeague: 25’ | YELLOW CARD for Blake Powell this time. 1-1 #ALeague #MCYvCCM
RT @ALeague: 37’ | YELLOW CARD! Ferreira is shown a yellow for not retreating the full 10 yards. 1-1 #ALeague #MCYvCCM
@TheLoudenTavern I am quite favourable to sin bins & a card in between a yellow & a red.
RT @ALeague: 90’ | YELLOW CARD for Neill after he brought down Franjic just outside the area. 2-1 #ALeague #MCYvCCM
RT @CCMariners: 90’ | Mickey Neill picks up a yellow card for his foul on Franjic just outside the box #MCYvCCM #CCMFC
@Sapientia953FM my name is Starboy-Chikwado-Utd from Okija. To me Yellow card and offside calls should not be abolished
@EbinimJasper @Sapientia953FM It's important for rules to be, offside and yellow card have done more good than bad
RT @giantfootfact: RED CARD! Fabio Borini gets 2 yellow cards in 3 minutes and Liverpool are down to 10 men!
RED CARD! Fabio Borini gets 2 yellow cards in 3 minutes and Liverpool are down to 10 men!
@Sapientia953FM kudos to liverpool,,,OFFSIDE ND YELLOW CARD shuld nt be abolished cuz is goin to affect d love of football
@Lazallana thought it means the new orange card for inbetween red and yellow but I completely agree. if it means they're less likely to send
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@_edjt sin bin is shit, yellow card offences would be sin bins and it's ruin the game. 11v11 is the best type of football
@Vardesque a ten-minute fine on a yellow card makes sense, the rest he'd like to introduce is just shit