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@feemcbee Requiem wasn't awful. I would also suggest Robin/Batgirl Year One by Chuck Dixon. Not *exactly* Batman, but very good.
RT @nabiagassi: Members leaving the group & all the disbandments that happened this of the reasons why stanning new groups arent appealing anymore
@yutasth aah, Dec party will be held on 3rd Saturday but I can't take part in. Looking forward to New Year one!
@BlessiousPlays Cheers from a french year one gardian who never did a raid, but hey I like it whatsoever.
Our favourite pic by year one Photojournalism student @PJAiyush_USW from Saturday's Cardiff v South Africa…
RT @IanMcCarthy100: No - it's about selling more frozen peas. Last year one did the same to WW1 football playing soldiers. All they car…
Final term of year one exams underway!
RT @Rudston_DL: Year One have been playing a giant barrier game; can you describe to your partner what you have seen? @rudstony1
RT @Rudston_DL: Year One have been playing a giant barrier game; can you describe to your partner what you have seen? @rudstony1
Every year, one #Huskers assistant (sometimes it's the HC) gets the majority of the wrath from fans, with #450 gone who's that guy in 2017?
RT @messi10stats: Sampaoli (Sevilla coach,): "There should be two Ballon d'Or's every year. One for Messi and one for the rest." ❤️💙
RT @TheSignalCaller: The Mountaineers will miss Tyler Orlosky next year ... One of the best centers in college football.
It's a real mindfuck trying to watch Batman:Year One with @ben_mckenzie voicing Batman when he is James Gordon in #Gotham
#HollywoodChoice Artist of the year One Direction
RT @SamLandsberger: Hawks take school footballer Oliver Hanrahan from St Kevin's. No TAC Cup this year. One club compared him to Taylor Duryea.
RT @mr_webb78: @freakshow1055 I'm thankful for a lot this year! One of them is years of entertainment from the freakshow. Have a great thanksgiving! 🍻🍗🍿🏈
@deeryeollie @ClaudsCloud this year one no black market I think Wah the 2014 one damn crazy
Our custom package costs just £1645 in year one and then £250 per year for as long as you are with us! #CMS
RT @DVATW: Gerry Adams: Fidel Castro sent Christmas card every year. One bloodthirsty old thug keeping in contact with another.
@Daniel_Rouse Hmmmm I would think you'd WANT to minimalise the fact he's still there. North PB Year One.
RT @phil_di_grange: Surely we have to make @davpope Australian of the Year one day?
@Alluring_kai @ClaudsCloud i also no money sia fml. Yes cfm will be next year they wont hold two concerts in the same year one