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Proceso Monitorio Social: Reclamación de Salarios Impagados https://t.co/GbKmPRppqE
RT @mediadroite: Daesh envoie plus de 4000 euros et des moutons à la famille d'un kamikaze du Stade de France https://t.co/UcvqUr0zgF via @yahooactufr
RT @Congreso_Es: 📆 ¡Buenos días! #AgendaCongreso: reunión de la #Mesa del Congreso, #DiputaciónPermanente y Comisión de #Empleo y Se… https://t.co/VXvUy4BqEG
RT @radicalvisionsx: on valentines day if you're single instead of complaining on social media, take your wonderful ass out on a date and treat yourself I dare u
50% of US consumers who have liked a brand onfFacebook say the brand's social page is,more useful thangi s.w bsite. (Source: Lab 42)
@SalwaSamra @AMDWaters @BBCNews unsure on this but the more i think, it makes sense. Play the social victim then control social values.
RT @Olivier_Rigaud: Paris : les surrélevés de la rue Didot gagnent leur bras de fer contre le bailleur social ! https://t.co/eyU8Gm9phM
Brexit will force hundreds of thousands of British pensioners to return to the UK for NHS & social care https://t.co/HEBZyTk1N2
RT @iotbusinessnews: @TelenorResearch on 2017 tech trends: The year of #AI, #IoT and social fatigue? #internetofthings https://t.co/vy85ff6jKv
RT @SMilneHomes: #HelptoBuy could make a new home at Hil Top Grange, Davenham more affordable than you thought with only 5% deposit:… https://t.co/Q78lAdoQeE
RT @avec_marine: Face aux dérives ultra-libérales de la classe politique, Marine Le Pen sera la seule candidate social-libérale aux… https://t.co/hK5UgSHl3W
RT @existentiaIly: without insurance birth control can cost over $600 a year, and is needed by women of all social classes and financi… https://t.co/OosAIxp4v3
RT @RTFFacts: I’m not anti-social, I’m pro mind your own damn business.
RT @3zaaziil: ياجماعه دا الواحد شخصيته بتختلف من app للتاني مش عايزين شخصيته تختلف من ال social media للواقع؟
RT @traficantes2010: #Viernes #20E «Cartografía de la ciudad capitalista Transformación urbana y conflicto social en el Estado Español»… https://t.co/THqDn4EjVZ
Everybody on social media a catfish till proven innocent
#Social #GOP @SocialNewsCorp "Daily" Explore the Social Media Side of GOP #Data via #Twitter Facebook and Google! https://t.co/7meRKxVxS2
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Rescuers in central Italy say many people have been killed after a hotel was hit by... https://t.co/o0TsEcmlAa by #BBCWorld via @c0nvey
RT @NinjaEconomics: Judges Reject Orange County's Claim That Social Workers Didn't Know Lying In Court Was Wrong https://t.co/ZZugpn5xxq