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A study published in @nresearchnews tested the relationship between moralizing #gods and #social complexity. They f… https://t.co/Z6U5y0JN8K
RT @40Republicains: Le vrai social c'est celui qui permet de ramener les gens au travail . #laCriseEtApres #avecWauquiez
RT @thegoodgodabove: Evil is only allowed to exist because good people are too busy browsing social media on the toilet.
@VeiledUK Hi Rachel! I’m Hannah and I do the social media for Guides for Brides! How’s your week going? x #weddinghour
RT @AkshayMarathe: The guy behind @msisodia's social media and one of the most driven volunteers of @AamAadmiParty - @FromBhaskar gets… https://t.co/yg9dzqA7e3
RT @TrappBrannigann: I hate going on social media so much but a nibba be bored as hell
RT @TheNewEuropean: "The out-of-character comments that I made on social media some time ago were unacceptable in tone and content." https://t.co/9CzuLcLSoX
RT @PartidoPACMA: 💪💚 ¡LO HEMOS CONSEGUIDO! ¡70.000 FIRMAS PRESENTADAS! ✍ ¡GRACIAS a todos los que habéis ayudado a que PACMA se pres… https://t.co/FnvjUytM0P
RT @twice_billboard: 🚨 If you see this tweet, you are obliged to reply 9 times with the following hashtags: #Dreamday… https://t.co/zERNA5x5HI
@notcapnamerica Why do people do this dramatic exit? Dont like what we're talking about? Cool - feel free to leave… https://t.co/0SH8Bsb58Y
RT @VVSinMiedo: Algunos políticos venezolanos tienen el síndrome de Norkys Batista. Creen que por el solo hecho de haber nacido en… https://t.co/GBaAF3OncR
RT @MariaFdaCabal: Herido de muerte por la minga enfusilada. Nos atraparon en su retórica de derechos de minorías y nos asesinan nuest… https://t.co/DUiy9XxPw1
RT @IKAR_LA: We are so honored to be selected as a winner of the Applied Jewish Wisdom Prize from the Lippman Kanfer Foundation… https://t.co/hBKwQgAM2X
RT @gabinetjuridic: 📣💣Juzgado Social 11 de BCN 👨‍⚖️ declara la vulneración del derecho de huelga de CCOO @ccoocatalunya en la empresa… https://t.co/SbsbOMuAAO
RT @BBCBreaking: Theresa May tells the British public "I'm on your side" and it's "high time" MPs made a decision over Brexit https://t.co/amvzuihqeW
I’m coo off every social media except twitter . ✌️
RT @wittyoonie: Social Media AU Jimin buys a vibrator that works in the beat of a song you are playing. He shares his experience on… https://t.co/rCuHh9ayGq
fuck social media THIS SHIT REALITY
BBC exclusive: Ardern calls for global anti-racism fight https://t.co/w3If0ACPkU
RT @prensactep: #TierraTechoTrabajo ⚠Jornada Nacional de Lucha con asambleas y ollas populares en rutas de todo el país para exigi… https://t.co/XBkPZF08qw
@EmilyVi80876651 hello Emily, cookbook Isaac Carew The Dirty Dishes is great, soon in social media Isaac will publi… https://t.co/KcQqWoZrSC
RT @Marta_catalonia: Si durant les campanyes electorals cal retirar els símbols que no tenen un consens social ni representin a tota la… https://t.co/v2Z0lyKFnz
RT @parscale: More tricks from the #PaloAltoMafia. The blocking of @DanScavino’s comments was unacceptable. I can only wonder how… https://t.co/QqZYYcXVzN
RT @MsAvaArmstrong: @RealSaavedra They’re already getting social security, welfare, food stamps—illegal aliens already get “universal income” and we pay for it.
Its times like this I wish #alisonking had social media I need her to know how amazing she was in those short scene… https://t.co/Z6GXhq6bgB