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RT @AmSnehil: Congress is supporting an anti-social element like Hardik Patel who has been creating ruckus in Gujarat since 2015 #જનતા_જાણે_છે
RT @laurittxk: como assim vc fica espalhando gatilho pra quem realmente pensa em suicídio em rede social só pra ser engraçado? rs https://t.co/TmQv6VqbIp
@MandaSerrano @1152B Online social connections also allow the person to control how much exposure they get, not too… https://t.co/BDZWXWRjQH
RT @HouseCracka: The NFL is committing suicide in real time now the month of November will be social justice Awareness Month. 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
RT @court_morris_: just a friendly reminder you have NO IDEA what's going on in people's lives or their situations just bc you follow them on social media bye
RT @hb_finanzen: Deutschlands Banken: Weniger Filialen, weniger Mitarbeiter - Das niedrige Zinsniveau und ein starker Wettbewerb... https://t.co/LsTjIibyUI
RT @BBC: Two new #Banksy pieces have appeared in London. But who is he & why is his work so important? 🎨… https://t.co/sCzWMBzAGJ
RT @Mohamma72588120: @sheela1992ss माँ-बाप ने कितनी मन्नतों से एक बेटा मांगा, और वो हरामखोर social sites Pooja sharma बना बैठा है ।😂😂😂😂
Como la justicia no existe sólo queda contentarse con el escracho social
RT @MailOnline: Leading members of Switzerland's Islamic Council are charged with making jihadist propaganda films in Syria https://t.co/yg0kgRyedx
RT @dabaghy: Le front social ? Que dire des absents, des autres syndicats et de tous ceux qui travaillent et qui manifestent pas? https://t.co/pHQ4php2gq
RT @muftimenk: One of the problems with social media is that topics once discussed in private are now debated with no holes barred in front of young minds
@niknike80 @RenukaJain6 That's social security n a sure doom for the economy..
3 Publishing Tactics That Translate to Social Media Success https://t.co/at8u1QQF4k
RT @court_morris_: just a friendly reminder you have NO IDEA what's going on in people's lives or their situations just bc you follow them on social media bye
When growing their penises for the season, ducks bend to social pressure https://t.co/6lLzXX0FTt via @PopSci
RT @IPSFASOCIALISTA: En el marco del aniversario del @ceofanb IPSFA Otorga ayudas médicas a integrantes de la #FANB en la Jornada Social… https://t.co/MnqLijOPsr
RT @UniCiudadanaAR: #CristinaConVHM: "El gobierno necesita la fractura social para imponer un plan, q va a tener una segunda fase de ajuste después de octubre"
RT @meiermq: Yo tengo mis dudas de que un gobierno tan débil como el de PPK se anime a indultar a quien tiene tamaña base social… https://t.co/r8O4rAuoDX
RT @michirusharuka: So those boys in the Maze Runner were stuck together for years with no social or religious boundaries yet 99.9% of… https://t.co/4MDOKBIX6n
https://t.co/PGlC9dPory Hardware-Umrüstungen für Diesel funktionieren doch #aktuell https://t.co/tEWBD3pHVE
@jeremycorbyn 3/6 vulnerable with care & respect, nationalise our gas/electric/NHS/Water/Social housing/Care/Transp… https://t.co/UmjlEzceCR
RT @tsuda: 米大統領選や仏大統領選でフェイクニュースやプロパガンダブログを量産する業者の存在が海外で注目→ https://t.co/3fLZGtFyq3 https://t.co/hD6XkVutEE  されたけど、既に日本もそうなってる訳ね。https://t.co/CgrGZxqapT
I got blocked for not answering while at work. While you sat in bed yesterday and ignored me for 4 hrs and was on every social media?