Yayasan Darul Hikmah

@Bruno6475 @MauvieuxKevin @BrunoLeMaire Complètement d’accord, en attendant il faut faire avec. Faut bien comprendr… https://t.co/BdngYW8A83
RT @gottabesirius: sempre que vejo falarem que o bts perdeu a essência eu fico me questionando o que pra vocês é perder essência, porq… https://t.co/Va4Z1zKXan
@cain_nate @newheart4sandy Tell us Mr Cain, what was your information? Now can you see why our great @POTUS uses s… https://t.co/WPaOL7LC8S
RT @AytoAlcorcon: Premio solidario a @UCAM que tiene como principal objetivo potenciar la acción del voluntariado y asistencia social… https://t.co/EUsQpzd5gs
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RT @willy_casanova: 2.) Sillas de ruedas, bastones de una y cuatro puntas, muletas y canastillas, fueron parte de las ayudas que a trav… https://t.co/PbZiJy609f
RT @MSFT_Business: Don't miss out! The Microsoft Technology Center is opening on September 19 @CortexSTL. Learn all about innovation a… https://t.co/q4hwNTElS7
RT @willsommer: Rep. Steve King wants to search Google employees' social media accounts to see if they're liberals. https://t.co/EpVRrxvY9a
Congratulations @TIME in a world of divisive social media, independant journalism is the only way to educate us and… https://t.co/SGsVcc2Gc3
RT @BTSPublicity: Billboard — Artists with the most weeks at #1 on Social 50 1. Justin Bieber: 163 wks 2. @BTS_twt : 104 wks 3. Tayl… https://t.co/CmR1HSSt7x
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RT @MasaiLincoln: “Jack n Dani splitting up just proves that no matter how happy people look on social media, no one knows what’s rea… https://t.co/smUvQPBHIp
RT @PhilsnerDDI: Social media will make you think everybody is above your class until you meet them in person.🤦🏾‍♂️
https://t.co/FL7T6Qk7nQ Caroseriile de lux și ajutorul social
RT @dmrider: Ontario's Progressive Conservative government spent taxpayers' money producing a social media message on ... popula… https://t.co/7nK3wnQzi1
@srta_bete Pior ainda quem acha que jogador decide se vai ou não para o clube por causa de rede social kkk
RT @MinutoAlviverde: Oferta de rival da Crefisa ao Palmeiras bate nos R$ 1,4 bi, com 'luvas', reserva de emergência e ... https://t.co/phaLfzGMXb
Call on Prime Minister Trudeau to ban single-use plastics by 2021 #cdnpoli https://t.co/rnD35Dvwk4
RT @DrAngelaLawson: Parents may fear telling their kids they were conceived via donor sperm/egg but kids tend to do well if told early… https://t.co/NdkiVKG6c1
RT @TheRoot: Jazmine Headley was minding her business, sitting on the floor at a social service office because of lack of availa… https://t.co/PdLkO56u8B
RT @qilahrzli: I stalk my own social media sometimes. Thats how much i love myself.
RT @JackPosobiec: Many of these Congressmen would love to have a Social Credit Score in America - that's why they quietly support Goo… https://t.co/yoJm8kvCkp
RT @thejessicadore: Today’s card. Self-care also looks like attending to your own inner rhythms instead of social norms + timelines. It… https://t.co/rP3M0jVpVB
RT @AgeofCreativity: FUNNDING: Nesta has launched a new £3.7m fund that will make small repayable loans to English arts, cultural and cr… https://t.co/T0cWdw0lKT
RT @_SantosTrinidad: "Pequeños" delitos fruto de la ansiedad producida por la xenófobia que afortunadamente no crean la más minima indig… https://t.co/YVLkaoQ7nA