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RT @madisonscoutm: Blowing up social media with these cuties & I'm totally okay with it https://t.co/2Q70YYSweu
Watch he gonna acknowledge me as his babymom on social sites. @TreySongz
It's Real Ale so it's good. And... Oh So Hoppy! - Drinking an Empire (Mysterium Verum) at @PinthousePizza - https://t.co/ogRnFIyFoo
I feel like the social justice movement won't get very far because it all just seems like a competition in who is the biggest victim 🙁
RT @BBCNewsAsia: American Airlines tie up partnership with China Southern https://t.co/TlLTCx22X3
@JULI_BBB e no ultimo paredão ele n foi pra social pq cansou d discutir. Ele foi pra dançar c ela antes do paredão e ela q expulsou ele
RT @jotaalonso: Habilitan a las fuerzas de seguridad a pedir el documento en la calle. Persiguen la protesta social y a los jóvenes vulnerables.
RT @SethAbramson: (20) Source E only provided intel about TRUMP's social activities in Moscow, not St. Petersburg. EPSHTEYN is from M… https://t.co/NBS8SDGeDX
RT @GianniRiveraFoo: Gran actividad de @IncubSocialPUCV en su proyecto social con personas con discapacidad. https://t.co/M7evN5m5Pb
RT @BarunSobtiPage: Check out "Gala Benefit Closing Night Screening - You Are My Sunday" #BarunSobti https://t.co/OYHj5DVDPj @eventbrite
Acidic! Fruity & tart! - Drinking a Special K IV by @FourSonsBrewing @ Hop Lab — https://t.co/c8xHE67JCX #photo
RT @larrymove: daisy tomlinson muito social muitos snaps c as amiga makes maravilhosas tutoriais de maquiagem meu bebe selfies… https://t.co/ZJAe4ZCl5Z
RT @ZandiFinca: Blocking people on social media isn't always "bitterness" its self-care. This is your world. You are in FULL control of who is stays & goes.
O Marcos vai deixar ela na social sozinha de novo .. esse cara é um imbecil...
I Dont Understand The Social Climate Were In Maybe Im Just Getting Woke & Realizing How I Wish Things Were Or Maybe Its Always Been This Way
Why You Need a Social Media Management Software https://t.co/eagaMJZ1qc https://t.co/EY30JSqJI6
RT @moonLITnat: some men only contribute to biological fatherhood and end it there. it's sad that a lot don't care to be a social father to their child.
RT @LifelnWords: I want a 4.0 GPA, flat stomach, clear skin, balanced social life, 10 hrs of sleep each night & money in the bank
RT @LifelnWords: I want a 4.0 GPA, flat stomach, clear skin, balanced social life, 10 hrs of sleep each night & money in the bank
I completed a puzzle in One Clue Crossword. Play now for free! https://t.co/qA8fPa5NAL #OneClueCrossword https://t.co/0LOwLHhu6N
RT @BBCNews: Bowel cancer tool to boost diagnosis in under-50s https://t.co/PaDGFQVlMZ
RT @DenActivist: @Stayon78 This isn't about systemic racism. It's about disadvantaged Whites being overlooked in the name of social justice for Blacks.
RT @mylanis7: Mis maestros se les olvida que tengo familia, un hogar, vida social y otras 5 clases más.
@EVAC0M on some level, finally internalizing your own identity acts as a semi-hard reset on learned social norms/expectations --
@ExpoVzla @gigizanchetta @NicolasMaduro vzla no es bruta mientras ste el sistema social nadie invertira y menos con maduro @traffiCARACAS