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RT @clairlemon: Lawyer chides me for saying that social media allegations shouldn't be seen as fait acompli evidence of a crime. I… https://t.co/fP6bWQcvcM
RT @woodyshrarh: جرب كدا أبعد من الSocial media شهر حاتلاقي نفسك وحيد تماماً مافي زول حايسأل فيك موبايلك دا ماحايضربو ليك فيهو حايبق… https://t.co/0SVuQ9iavr
bom dia para todos dessa rede social menos pra alguns https://t.co/JXuiqPm0nJ
RT @AccesoaJusticia: El 19 de abril de 1810 marcó el inicio de la lucha por la independencia del dominio español en Venezuela, influyend… https://t.co/bsTc5yC0CP
RT @KissChattanooga: Who should win the award for #TopSocialArtist at the @BBMAs in May? Tell us: https://t.co/r8bBYzAyoE https://t.co/1NlSBlV1LZ
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RT @tawaakxul: Subhan’Allah May Allahﷻ protect us from these people who commit magic on people, please be careful what you share o… https://t.co/Q8IKQMptkj
Well glad I checked social media didn’t realise it was hot outside
RT @Pablo_Iglesias_: Inventar palabras no cambia la realidad de un mercado laboral que condena a cada vez más gente a la pobreza a pesar… https://t.co/zNXc9IE0Ef
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@SEPTA_SOCIAL now E. King, your conductor, is literally getting in verbal altercations with people on 4213 because… https://t.co/3azM3shRMA
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RT @CarolineVilla19: 2nde jeunesse jardinières rue Louis Braille #Bellignat. Equipes #Dynacité, Mairie, Centre Social et locataires unis https://t.co/44lcvqfIYl
@EXSOLDIER_ @PlayStation Lets be real the only ppl who care about exclusives are immature little kids who need to o… https://t.co/jdHECaczWZ
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