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RT @La_Femme_WM: Trans women are males. They do not bear children, breastfeed, hail from a divine feminine, house a sacred passage,… https://t.co/VANokjd9eD
i also need a full 8 hours of sleep and a social life but who needs that when you're an engineering major am i right ladies
RT @goldjgks: i hate how amas has been using bts for clout, i mean first social media, then expensive ass merch, now putting them… https://t.co/9CfM424beJ
“Remove Before #PewPew “ Urban Pistol/Rifle Class finished today, sorry no photos or videos but I couldn’t post an… https://t.co/MqeLLgzaP6
RT @mylittlevictory: In his quest for a state run media, Trump could use a non-neutral internet to slow down access to sites like WaPo a… https://t.co/xVwgfYAJSN
RT @angrytwinsmom: @tribelaw One of the many reasons he's got to go. We're all exhausted from arguing w/them on social media. They can… https://t.co/cqA15R9JAe
RT @gaysentials: @chellftw @girlgroup She still followes the racist fans who were sending death threats to Normani. And it's cute th… https://t.co/yiIfqE0rfa
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RT @septemberview: AMAs แนะนำ BTS (Cr. 9_DDaE) #BTSxAMAs 1. RM • ตัวแทนวง, Rapper, Vocalist • สมาชิกคนแรกของวง, ความสามารถที่แอบซ่อนไ… https://t.co/js5md7eGso
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Just message me on social media please or on the Sarahah app https://t.co/eo0GpzWYBM
RT @idolsxpurpose: Como golpea la pubertad a algunxs: - belleza - cuerpazo - cutis perfecto - círculo social más grande - 0 timidez… https://t.co/shQg7zs75Z
RT @TheKavOfficial: The allegations were not made on social media. They were brought to light in @thesundaytimes because of, y'know, jo… https://t.co/fxtPYZ0RRM
RT @GlobalGrind: Boy band, BTS has social media on fire🔥 right now. #AMAs
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RT @asonofapeach: Astarghfirullah hal azim. Aku baru realise yang grab pic profile aku is synced to my social media patutlah selalu s… https://t.co/PTiDtzyQb4
Everything is not for social media.
RT @eleonorabruzual: Quiero un presidente que jamás se haya declarado ni comunista, ni de izquierda, ni socialista, que no me utilice su… https://t.co/rnXErF3e5j
@Keiththecop @AnthonyCumiaxyz Social skills of a hornet fa la la la
RT @charol66: Gracias por hacer la diferencia, la labor social siempre es prioridad y se destacan por hacerlo. Muchas gracias #DancingCR
Top 10 Most Energy Efficient Laser Printers | @scoopit https://t.co/4PYoxRylsZ
RT @RitaKonaev: Meet Rita: PhD student making $20,000 w/ tuition waiver of $36,000, who hopes to become a Professor/researcher on c… https://t.co/MrTZw1nLt3