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ﺑﺴﻢ ﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﻤﻦ ﺍﻟﺮﺣﯿﻢ ﺍﻟﺴﻼﻡ ﻋﻠﯿﮑﻢ ﻭﺭﺣﻤﺔﺍﻟﻠﻪ ﻭﺑﺮﮐﺎﺗﮦ ۹ ﺭﺑﯿﻊ ﺍﻻﻭﻝ۱۴۳۸ 9ﮈﺳﻤﺒﺮ 2016 ﺟﻤﻌتہ المبارک #ﺍﺳﺪﺍﻟﻠﮧ_ﺣﯿﺪﺭﯼ FOLLOW @JTIGKJ SEND 40404
RT @87m77: @TinkTink4248 come with me just follow back and dm
RT @becswe: let me tell you this, the older you get the more rules they're gonna try to get you to follow, you just gotta keep livin' man, L-I-V-I-N
RT @jccaylen: *NEW VIDEO* TANA MONOGEWWYPOOPOO STRAIGHTENS MY HAIR & RUINS IT RT & I'll follow some of u🌹… https://t.co/XGY7OhsQAK
Welcome @UltraStuff to the studios with a follow?! https://t.co/YvdCyf9MGR
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RT @gcooke42: More rate hikes may be on the way as the major banks follow smaller lenders @dailytelegraph https://t.co/SNgLg5MB3I
@KingImpulse I was looking at that dumb Star Wars hashtag and this guys tweets were recommended to me because I follow CA and CA follows him
Follow my new twitter donaldroyal_
1 new tweep followed me in the last day. I find relevant people to follow with the #CopyFollowers feature of https://t.co/xSsMpGvpsL
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RT @DonaldGloverrr: Hitler had 2 million followers, Jesus had 12. Don't just follow the crowd.
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Follow back al que use este HT #SiTeDejasYoTeHaría
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I swear my page just follow ppl on its own