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RT @1O13mm: #RT #FOLLOW 이벤트 팔로워 한정 지민 오빠가 끼고 다녔던 귀걸이 또는 귀찌 or BT21 티머니 교통카드 추첨해서 보내드려요 >> 일회성 팔로우는 안 받아요 << https://t.co/4JCRpGdbih
RT @CuddyTre: How niggas drive when they say “follow me” https://t.co/9X857MBPtd
if you follow me on here you’ve literally seen all shades of faith 😂😂😂 I’m too comfortable on this app
RT @KenziePullen: My insta followers are fake af 3/4 of y’all really just gonna follow me and not like my pics????
Every father (and mother) should remember that their son (or daughter) will follow their example instead of their… https://t.co/oUBx24ROGk
RT @KONYSDESIGN: iKON TV X LIPSS [B.I PD] Wallpaper/ Lockscreen #iKON #아이콘 #BI @ikon_shxxbi Follow me or RT the picture if you u… https://t.co/wvLpDDZSjL
RT @xoJimine: 🌸GIVEAWAY🌸 13th BTS Love Yourself 轉 'Tear' Album giveaway (Ver. R) Rules to enter: •Retweet & Like this tweet •Fol… https://t.co/ycK75i41uX
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Cara stans shinee and follows them on twt+ig but she doesn't follow kibum: a callout post
RT @AUTOMNFS: /am/ Hy ada yg mau aku follow ga rt aja ko -yeri..
RT @SoichiroTakaoka: SocialGood, the largest ICO from Japan (USD500m) filed with SEC US, to be listed on the cryptocurrency exchanges. A… https://t.co/uwEscE7YFi
RT @EXOVotingSquad: EXOL, sorry for confusion. On Soribada, the priority is as follow: Prio 1: EXO on Inkisang, EXO on Bonsang Prio 2… https://t.co/SP5sQIM7HV
RT @jimday_twt: RT+FOLLOW 방탄소년단 데이터 나눔합니다 지금 밖이라 예전에 찍어둔 사진으로 올릴께요 !! 실제로는 이쁜퀄 진짜 많아요 ㅠㅠ 알티+팔로 멘션에 메일 , 달아주세요 !! >> , << 꼭 메일뒤에 부… https://t.co/d3IsyFf8lj
RT @lucy12270801: 다시 작성해서 죄송해요ㅠㅠ >>>RT+Follow<<< 만약에 선예매 양일이나 하루라도 성공하면 일예때 알티괄로 추첨으로 1~3분 정도 도와드리겠습니다!! 선예 아이디2개이구 일예는 해주실분들이 주변에… https://t.co/uMLlxNqZj9
RT @iamshad0whunter: dopo il video di Zerbi aspetto il follow di Benji e Fede sul profilo di Carmen ahhhahahahah #amici17
RT @BlueWaveCS: Follow, support, and VOTE for our BWCS #COTD Maryland candidates! #MD01 @AllisonforMD #MD06 @arunamiller #MDLD07… https://t.co/vIohOXW9Cz
RT @ArabMuIa: Bored so RT and follow and I’ll draw your avi https://t.co/3bgHeg3PEu
RT @NCTgains: rt if you stan - taeil - johnny - taeyong - yuta - kun - doyoung - ten - jaehyun - winwin - jungwoo - lucas - mark… https://t.co/6LLx41pwGo
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RT @LowKei_: So far, Teyana’s “highly anticipated” follow up project is just... https://t.co/QyoHiOKxNG
RT @U94ippRbth4Somu: Rt,follow​ (ซุ่ม)​ ❤️,dm บอทใหม่ตฤณคับ ฝากฟอลด้วยนะคับ #rtฟอลฟรี #รีฟอลฟรี #บอทใหม่ #ยืมเมจfortalk #รีทักเดม… https://t.co/PL4jKUP71H