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RT @Lionezz__: LOOOL. I don't really care about what you think. This is the greatest picture ever in sports history. http://t.co/LatqbAoWkW
RT @FootyThrowbacks: When Liverpool & Arsenal clashed in the Champions League, 2008. What a game! https://t.co/P4l6tdUrCO
RT @ZahirAli: I never found myself in the appropriate situation to use it, but why? Is your masculinity tied to a feature of a ph… https://t.co/OTpK2YHy73
RT @nsr__7: Gotta be mad confident in your looks to set an avatar using this button. Lmaooo https://t.co/4PU9mCIdyf
Y al Yakubu qué le importará lo que me importa a mí el otro día me llegó el SMS de confirmación de Twitter, pero no puedo con Menéame.
Mistakes are proof that you're trying.
Yakubu with 96 goals didn't make as much noise as those that scored against some French farmers
RT @iliveforfacts: 1 in every 100 american adults are in prison. USA has less than 5% of the world's population, but it has almost 25% of the world's prisoners
RT @topislamictwit: سبحان الله 🌸SubhanAllah🌸 الحمد لله 🌸Alhamdulillah🌸 لا اله الا الله 🌸La ilaha illalah🌸 الله اكبر 🌸Allahu Akbar🌸
RT @NigeriaMuslim: Allah sometimes removes a person from your life for your own good. Don't run after them.
How did James translate into Yakubu. Can someone u help me Angelò
RT @QueenDoosh27: YAKUBU GOWON: Ojukwu Was A Coward, Nnamdi Kanu Is A Criminal. By God’s Grace , BIAFRA Will Never Come… https://t.co/GuKz70obzE
RT @benmurraybruce: If we want our education sector to improve, let us stop paying politicians like me jumbo salary and rather pay teachers maximum allowances.
RT @AbdulAbmJ: Today i will be speaking on corruption at the british Parliament Portcullis hosted by a member of the parliament MP. RSVP at eventbrite
Got into #FM17 today. Bought Essien and Yakubu and Poyet for #Rangers. Mckay super. Let Miller and Windass go.
RT @shanalala_: you literally made this up. i saw when the original vid was posted. dunno why guys always make up back stories to m… https://t.co/WyHniJCOHh