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RT @Drewphillips__: so sad to see what barcco barner has gone through in office </3 hope he can live a stress free life outside of his… https://t.co/z6rmXFQkdu
RT @LifeAsBros: This is what marijuana REALLY does to you. Still think it's "fun" to get "stoned"? https://t.co/HtBb3mUNmB
Idk why everybody hates yager, it's so delicious lol
RT @ryleighfryar: If you're ugly on the inside you ugly as hell on the outside too
@nadya_alexis @RuizDevin yesss❤️❤️❤️ it was great
What's bigger ? 1) Mikey's sex drive 2) Yager's spiked hair 3) Brandon's ego
RT @ImLizzieM: The most iconic opening scene of a movie ever https://t.co/uUCsZffmxJ
Líbí se mi video @YouTube https://t.co/XjeB9wD2Zl Dexter Yager Master dream building
Who is this guy? Ohh, that's right... https://t.co/cTobUwK1it
@molly_98xsimmx @TiannaJewiss bollocks u was necking the yager n shouting fuck off at the bangers luv
RT @KamVTV: Huntington Beach Flash Mob 2PM. BRING FLAGS, SIGNS, POSTERS! It's time to #MAGA3X SoCal! #SundayMorning… https://t.co/yktTs7E6Z6
RT @DanScavino: Hillary's lies vs. actual scene: https://t.co/i7lumnrVUx
RT @SpookyClowns: When you've covered up rape, deleted 33,000 emails, let 4 Americans die in Benghazi, lied to the FBI, and managed t… https://t.co/d9pwZKYWup
RT @SandraTXAS: #Hillary opposes VoterID but requires ID to get in her events. Isnt that racist? #ImWithHer not! #MAGA #Trump https://t.co/FnExuIfr80
RT @RedNationRising: There is Honest People and Liars. I'd rather be called Fat than be left for dead. #RedNationRising #PodestaEmails16… https://t.co/bYTgUyoY3l
Jumped out of a plane today with some dude named "Dragon" strapped to my back. It was surprisingly calming...... https://t.co/POZSsS1HJo
RT @ToniElSucio: "El abstencionismo político obrero es la muralla que mejor resguarda los privilegios de la burguesía." Pablo Iglesias, fundador del PSOE.
RT @aaLorich: This is the worst time of year to want to lose weight
RT @LeahR77: 💥WOW SHOCK 😏Polls Are RIGGED As Per #PodestaEmails16👉 Vote & Get Ready For An EARTHQUAKE #MAGA #DebateNight https://t.co/usRkwFVoCU
RT @BsbLifestyle__: Cubs Bullpen Catcher living the life last night 💀😂😭 https://t.co/fF98QUGad0