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write-in today at Oldham County Main Library, 308 Yager Ave, La Grange, KY 40031, 4pm-8pm #nanowrimo
Don't ever let anyone steal your dreams. ~Dexter Yager, #cause
@ImVertcL lolol just saw this. I wanted to run yager but random kid kept taking it. GGs tho. Your a savage. 💀
RT @NousLesFiIIes: Les cheveux bouclées, un jour ils bouclent bien l'autre non, qd tu dors les boucles s'écrasent et quand tu les brosse tu ressemble à 1 lion
@okmilky that looks like a bloody great night! tho i do prefer yager over vodka aha
RT @OKeefeCollin: In the mood for a Christmas movie marathon even though it's only the 20th of November
I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/V8eaCGGSpj 🎃 Huge 32 Animatronic Collection 🎃 Spirit Halloween and Halloween Express
RT @Dr_WeirdASP: I'm watching #TheLibrarians with the biggest smile on my face
RT @LibrariansTNT: “We are united.” ⛓ “Bonded together.” 🔮 “A family.” ❤️ #THELIBRARIANS
RT @SteeleSimz: So many great lines in @LibrariansTNT. It has humor, action, adventure, romance, it has everything and more #BecauseMagic #TheLibrarians
RT @LibrariansTNT: Does it count that they’re policing evil spirits? #TheLibrarians https://t.co/t3LRZWlm2N
RT @LibrariansTNT: How many LITs are watching with Stone? It doesn't take a PhD to know #TheLibrarians is on! https://t.co/ShnO1mXtlF
RT @ChristianKane01: If you like where Jake is going. Punchy. Then ur gonna loooooove this season #TheLibrarians I'm excited to show you
RT @lbtfan2002: Great Season 3 premiere of #TheLibrarians! @Dean_Devlin looking forward to the rest of the season!
RT @YouAndBabe: Left hand is steerin the other is grippin your thigh https://t.co/H4USIQ240Z
RT @FemalesKnowBest: In need of coffee, a plane ticket to California, & a puppy
RT @brysontlIler: faking a smile is so much easier than explaining why you are sad.
RT @dcsportsbog: Redskins will be 6-3-1. Best record through 10 games since 1996.