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New post: "Ciptakan Situasi Kondusif, Kapolsek Yacob Gelar Kegiatan Adventure Trail" https://t.co/IXnnSyTYVe
Walang puwang sa lipunan ang mga bastos at walang respeto sa kapwa, tulad rin ng pamilya Marcos. #MarcosMagnanakaw https://t.co/YHAH66xhpl
MP for Marsiling-Yew Tee, Mdm Halimah Yacob joined the residents at the Marsiling-Yew Tee IAEC Narpani... https://t.co/ofUlMhMK2M
Me: I'm sure they like me! Me to me: you probably annoy them, avoid them from now on https://t.co/8pcIoM8hDc
RT @InnerrKermit: Me: Don't retweet that Kermit account it's so cringe and overdone. Me to me: It's relatable, retweet it. https://t.co/pcsI7VNdwO
RT @TheRealSonReal: Make someone feel good today
RT @giuligonzalez04: luciana quien te manda a faltar todo el año, yo no voy a ir una semana mas por historia sori
@ClassySauvage oh you see Yacob in that first pic 😂
My cousin Jimmie is the greatest driver of all time!!
RT @SportsCenter: Russell Wilson currently has as many receiving yards (15) as all of the Eagles wide receivers combined. https://t.co/aWpj224rOP
Amo a yacob loco😂
RT @ElPiruloDelTw: Cantidad de faltas: Pérez: 3 (1 de atrás) Bentancur: 4 Fernandez: 1 y amonestado. Martínez: 1 y amonestado. Y el penal a Ferrari..DISIMULEN
RT @axolotblog: "Presidio Modelo", une prison panoptique abandonnée à Cuba. Un seul gardien surveillait des centaines de prisonnier… https://t.co/u1AQM7Y5VG
I rested my Hauschka jersey after the tie, waited a few successful weeks, chose to bring it back today for redemption, and he misses again!
Fuck the dolphins
Qué domingo de mierda. La concha de tu madre, Yacob
مدريدي ؟ انصحك تابع هذا الحساب @_alreal تجد كل مايخص الريال . . . . . @yacobaref_yacob @ali00358602 @amine_craft @IEPHlwtsxHcYNSu
Los Drs. Desalegn Yacob y Kent Williams participan en el módulo de trastornos funcionales digestivos en el... https://t.co/NVHteJHU57