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Walang puwang sa lipunan ang mga bastos at walang respeto sa kapwa, tulad rin ng pamilya Marcos. #MarcosMagnanakaw https://t.co/YHAH66xhpl
MP for Marsiling-Yew Tee, Mdm Halimah Yacob joined the residents at the Marsiling-Yew Tee IAEC Narpani... https://t.co/ofUlMhMK2M
Me: I'm sure they like me! Me to me: you probably annoy them, avoid them from now on https://t.co/8pcIoM8hDc
RT @InnerrKermit: Me: Don't retweet that Kermit account it's so cringe and overdone. Me to me: It's relatable, retweet it. https://t.co/pcsI7VNdwO
RT @TheRealSonReal: Make someone feel good today
RT @giuligonzalez04: luciana quien te manda a faltar todo el año, yo no voy a ir una semana mas por historia sori
@ClassySauvage oh you see Yacob in that first pic 😂
My cousin Jimmie is the greatest driver of all time!!
RT @SportsCenter: Russell Wilson currently has as many receiving yards (15) as all of the Eagles wide receivers combined. https://t.co/aWpj224rOP
Amo a yacob loco😂
RT @ElPiruloDelTw: Cantidad de faltas: Pérez: 3 (1 de atrás) Bentancur: 4 Fernandez: 1 y amonestado. Martínez: 1 y amonestado. Y el penal a Ferrari..DISIMULEN
RT @axolotblog: "Presidio Modelo", une prison panoptique abandonnée à Cuba. Un seul gardien surveillait des centaines de prisonnier… https://t.co/u1AQM7Y5VG
I rested my Hauschka jersey after the tie, waited a few successful weeks, chose to bring it back today for redemption, and he misses again!
Fuck the dolphins
Qué domingo de mierda. La concha de tu madre, Yacob
Los Drs. Desalegn Yacob y Kent Williams participan en el módulo de trastornos funcionales digestivos en el... https://t.co/NVHteJHU57
_ ايه رأيك في الصورة دي يا ماما ؟! = ايه يا ابني القرف ده *Upload photo* 😂😂✋
RT @ElieFrangieh: "إن أسوا مكان في الجحيم محجوز لأولئك الذين يقفون على الحياد في زمن المعارك الأخلاقية الكبرى."