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RT @ChrisSaintau: Civil War II, Paul Revere Rides Again. #DWTS #pedogate #pizzagate #Trumptrain #Wikileaks #MAGA #2A #CIA #NSA #NYT https://t.co/2naP7kiKl9
A portrait of a marriage: King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden https://t.co/JqzfAOqWqx via @hellomag
RT @JoeyFatts: I don't fuck with nobody who don't don't fuck with my gang... period.
RT @FrSteveGrunow: "Everything in this world will pass away. In eternity, only Love will remain". Benedict XVI
RT @maurazamir: ....ma un'immagine sognata Benedetto XVI https://t.co/Sdsb1xDZBL
Hope this color comes out cute 😣
Estudando Art. 5º da CF/88. (próximo seminário da Facul) XVI - todos podem reunir-se pacificamente, sem armas,... https://t.co/JWj0SnizMz
@IX_V_XVI you know Ima make the wrong one
Canonbury - Pair Louis XVI Bombe Commodes Chests of Drawers Marquetry Inlay https://t.co/Fl6FICk01d
RT @SexymusPrime: Bueno voy a usar hack, usare la ley de murphy para que salga el trailer. spideyyyyyy tengo en google ya metido "xvi".......vamos spideyyyyy
Swear I told you I'm in this bitch for eternity