Xmas Party

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RT @gailSwift_: that JADINES FROM EVERY PART OF THE WORLD IS CELEBRATING XMAS PARTY TODAY United by purple hearts #JaDineLandOneForChristmas
At party couple of nights back- ended up looking like a mobile phone soiree. FGS up yr social skills & turn off the… https://t.co/KVy4ioIrsm
RT @k_leather: First Xmas party @WestMidSafari those fab @HewettBiz no how to sort a party out love going to your staff do… https://t.co/5tJsYbl66b
Super night with NHS staff, Xmas party, i even had a dance. #xmasparty2016 https://t.co/OzfdoN1ckM
RT @Crisssyyyyyyy: Enjoy later mam @ElisseJoson and Elissesifieds like this oh haha ELISSESIFIEDS XMAS PARTY https://t.co/iPIQFhyPQ8
RT @baytreebistro: Tonight's Xmas party amuse Bouche and petit fours, vol au vents, mulled wine, egg nog, homemade chocolates . Thanks… https://t.co/9QkLt9xaFo
RT @turnuparmy: PARTY..PARTY..PARTY...XMAS WARM UP PARTY with the GENERAL @merquryquaye https://t.co/TIC4G6gmnv
The last of our guests left at 3:15. Successful party? I think so. #xmas #holidays #hostlife https://t.co/EiZ4GixcUP
RT @DJstersOfficial: Have fun @ELISSEsifieds! Say hi to Elisse for us! 💙 ELISSESIFIEDS XMAS PARTY
RT @nico_rosberg: Filming with @Channel4 - later xmas party with the team! 🍾🎉🍻 https://t.co/T8NEmVKKVt
RT @SarahSauce24: At my work xmas party we were playing a game & I stood up & yelled "DEEZ NUTS" right when my boss walked in
Good Morning ...... Wishing you all a lovely Sunday! Loads of preparation for next Fridays Xmas party happening in BIAB HQ 🎄🎉 #BIAB
Vipattaako tanssijalka? Joulun rennoimmat kemut 17.12. Club Capitalissa. Liput ennakkoon Tiketistä:… https://t.co/znYQzQ2fPn
RT @iamsharonparas: @teddspotting baka may pa bloopers ka na naman jan at pa bts Congrats fam we did it HORAY! ELISSESIFIEDS XMAS PA… https://t.co/G8IqIewz0F
At my work xmas party we were playing a game & I stood up & yelled "DEEZ NUTS" right when my boss walked in
内田真礼 Hello,1st contact!2016.2.28 @中野サンプラザ パンフレット入荷しました☆ 「Maaya Xmas Party!!2016」および「Maaya Birthday Party!!2016」の予習に… https://t.co/WewCAn2WP1
RT @iamsharonparas: You are blessing to each other Mccoy and Elisse and we thank God to your lives that you are here inspiring us ILY… https://t.co/JN1q2FFrsZ
RT @iamsharonparas: Never been too late congratulation Niel my loves, I wish Joao will be the next and Russell ELISSESIFIEDS XMAS PARTY #PBBLuckyBunnyElisse
Will make up for being sober at. Xmas party today. Mulled wine, beer and sausage and plenty of all 3! #WinterWonderland #HydePark
RT @iamsharonparas: Ok next time I will hihi thanks ELISSESIFIEDS XMAS PARTY #PBBLuckyBunnyElisse https://t.co/0N7wGaXTL1
RT @iamsharonparas: Whos excited for tonight's PBB episode? Itaas ang paa hihihi ELISSESIFIEDS XMAS PARTY #PBBLuckyBunnyElisse
@mikeparry8 @Iromg @TheTwoMikes I had to turn down a TV I won at the work Xmas party last night, told the boss I'd rather have world peace.
RT @McLisse_Angels: wla pa po si @ElisseJoson baka daw nasa @PBBabscbn pa isang oras lang stay ni @ElisseJoson @ELISSEsifieds ELISSESIFIEDS XMAS PARTY
After a long, hard year in the troll factory--spreading lies & hate--do trolls send Xmas cards? Sing Carols? Have a… https://t.co/bZMQVC4Tkp