Xmas Party

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RT @anosaong: Christmas is not about party, it's about sharing, caring, and loving. Merry Xmas everyone!🎄 #taeyeon #tiffany #snsd… https://t.co/pvsrJs7zEr
RT @loverxsex: Sex party on Xmas with Alexis Fawx and Sophia Leone.100k thank you for my 100k followers. https://t.co/Yq3HPF68Gk
Me arriving at the work Xmas party tonight 👍🏻👋🏻 https://t.co/ep4XgjgOeJ
Last time I drank was at my work Xmas party. Tonight I drank most of the bottle. https://t.co/WBdfNGw3q5
Went to the tav staff xmas party. It's not xmas. I'm not staff. I got the most drunk 🙈
Hi guys it me again Tommie hope everyone had a great Christmas#xmas party see ya#@Flanagan4Tommie
@brianklaas @ezlusztig @maggieNYT @brianklaas So a White Nationalist and Jewish son in law. The WH Xmas party is going to get interesting.
@EGould93 how's it going out there pal? Xmas party next week and you will be missed! #pacman
RT @sumire_princess: sweet pink Xmas party…❤︎ presented by candy https://t.co/XL2Xw0vjj9
On this day, a photo of my niece & sister at the White House Xmas party provokes nostalgia for the refinement & ele… https://t.co/Hj4qiQBm8N
@binghernandez tali mi nag xmas party/team bldg. exclusive kaayo na na place 😫 Unsaaaaon jd.
そしてXmas✩dinner作ったげた♡ ♥ホワイトシチュー♥タラスパ ♥ツリーサラダ♥チキン♥ケーキ ♥シャンパン&その他のお酒⤴⤴⤴ ※見た目盛り付けこだわるタイプ♡ そしてTとParty⤴⤴⤴⋆⸜(* ॑꒳ ॑* )⸝♡ https://t.co/7PihewpNqT
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It's mid Jan. & she just now decorated her Xmas tree & is having her Xmas party bc her finals were too "insane" 😂… https://t.co/FYQsyP9BVu
Looking for a BYOB restaurant for my company Xmas party that can accommodate a party of 25 and has great food ... https://t.co/AvDizRaILj
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Personal Shopper Stylist Picks Xmas Party Dresses to Sparkle the night away   This is a fun stun https://t.co/cuIYI1O6dI #aliceandolivia
@Meghan_Trainor any info for Ur Smurfs song .Will it be a reunion w @ddlovato 4 Lionel Richie? Didn't U get invited 2 her XMAS party @people
RT @loverxsex: Sex party on Xmas with Alexis Fawx and Sophia Leone.100k thank you for my 100k followers. https://t.co/Yq3HPF68Gk