Xmas Party

The place for Xmas Parties are:

RT @PoliticalIslam: Santa did it. Cops blame Xmas party for #SanBernardino jihad attack https://t.co/2oIP19088Z Remove Amer. culture & Islam will stop killing
My Little Pony Tutu Dress Pinkie Pie Dress Party Fancy Dress Xmas Christmas Play #DiddyDarlings #Cas https://t.co/8HfZdH5VYt
soooooo excited for my xmas party w the homies, it's gnna be so lit and cute god bless
Xmas party. Getting messy after a few "porn stars" @CedarHallOsteos https://t.co/rlkkA7kI7O
Chilli Sauce xmas party with Awesome events at Hellenic centre https://t.co/P4BcP84WUd
RT @Eel_Pie_Club: 'THE BEST' Xmas Party @Eel_Pie_Club 14 Dec 8:30-Midnight @CabbagePatchPub @PATCHWORKS. Musicians galore & more!… https://t.co/IRvyOYWLMp
DJin another Xmas party tonight! At least it is December now
Playing some reindeer games at the office Xmas party! #heylcandyland https://t.co/hNPZvnRkmI
Back to @VoicesFromCare for steering group meeting on Tuesday. Xmas membership party and #Blueprint festive outing coming up soon too! :-)
Fantastic wine at a client Xmas party I was at this week @RachelTaulelei https://t.co/9fOx9IU4or
RT @jerryolea: Heard na may post Xmas party ang Cyrus Jef Pring models on December 27.... .? Magkano kaya ang ambagan? https://t.co/1fc0JooKwo
RT @Eel_Pie_Club: 'THE BEST' Xmas Party @Eel_Pie_Club 14 Dec 8:30-Midnight @CabbagePatchPub @PATCHWORKS. Musicians galore & more!… https://t.co/IRvyOYWLMp
RT @DrBillDorfman: Office Xmas party last night. I love these amazing people. https://t.co/uzrBQepOgC
Somebody I know is throwing an Xmas party weekend. Xmas ain't for 3-4 more weeks though 😂😂😂
Just in time for the family Xmas party. #lucille from #thewalkingdead has arrived. #NeganTWD https://t.co/BA3VhNMSFA
Subsequently my lovely passengers are late for the Xmas party! 😡 I'm embarrassed but it's not my fault. TFL have ruined London roads
This is truly one of my simply beautiful Christmas Designs! ANGELGIRL's Xmas Carols Party Design, it's so magical &… https://t.co/DpXtcfLQzE
Barnsley Labour Party CLP Xmas Meal https://t.co/WAXbdzWj38
RT @daverussell: Wishing all purged Labour Party members a g8 Xmas & justice filled new year. Keep fighting & refuse slapped wrist… https://t.co/CcxRJM6Sdx
All set for tonight's photo booth Xmas party for TCES https://t.co/yasUXrOwru
Work xmas party 2moro & my legs are covered in bruises from last weekend! 🙈 no doubt I'll add to them tomorrow night 😂😂😂