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Gooe Idea: Finding Easter eggs on Easter. Bad Idea: Finding Easter eggs on Xmas.
@SusieAmy They've just been told their Xmas tree has to come down 🎄❌🌲⤵😁🖒
RT @HowardDonald: Plse retweet it! This message is not just for Xmas like pets! It's for life. http://t.co/ifoXysNGF5
siri remind me send darren dreger xmas card #nhljets
RT @sgrstk: This Xmas, remember there are people less fortunate than you. People who can't sleep diagonal, people sharing a bed, people who are married.
RT @AngelaMortimer2: special offer on all books 99c https://t.co/uaq5VtedrS & Smashwords. Short story Poet is free from Smashwords and i… https://t.co/LzAI301vZp
RT @RachellStantonn: My highlight of the day was passing @georgiabenzo on the bus nd seeing her wave like an excited little kid seeing santa at xmas time
Can sum1 sort out rubbish on upper Prince of Wales park?Bin nt bn clear since wll b4 Xmas. New mayor cutting jobs? #IHopeNot @justin_lester
My highlight of the day was passing @georgiabenzo on the bus nd seeing her wave like an excited little kid seeing santa at xmas time
RT @y_genic: このバルーンとXmas雪だるまver交換して下さる方探してます。 愛媛参戦予定ですので参戦被れば直接取引可能です。 #拡散希望 #安室奈美恵 #バルーン交換 https://t.co/hS0NVY2YSN
RT @Veritymorrison: @KTHopkins Chocolate cakes' delicious Lobsters' delicious. Bellinis on Xmas morning r delicious. Trump's the acid r… https://t.co/nTsoZWdUUK
Got an awesome viking skull stein from my wife to drink the blood of my enemies. Merry late Xmas… https://t.co/lCSRcNviRO
My stepbro gave me a tumbleweed for xmas. I "planted" it today, 3 weeks later. w/in 1 hr it went from dried ball to… https://t.co/OGLMp72ICo
Cant wait til payday, Ive been broke since I bought Xmas gifts smh 😢
Christmas Star String Hanging Christmas Party Tree Decoration Ornament https://t.co/WEoPIkW50P #NeverTooEarlyForChhttps://t.co/04gqFcnf0H
RT @michellehdow: My potted Xmas tree grew bright green buds over Xmas. Am curious to see how much longer I can keep it alive in my l… https://t.co/UcPYMmUJhH
RT @ariel_vanean: Thank you for following me & I hope we'll have more fun! + (Xmas present inside) Kiss Ariel https://t.co/bm2adOrcMb
1874 Wood Engraving G Durand Art University College Hospital London Xmas YTG7 - Original In-Text.. https://t.co/cCapclBxeG
The latest Contents:Party Xmas Home Daily! https://t.co/9PZlDH1crw Thanks to @ArtshineQC #cbb #emmerdale
A year after Obamacare was implemented my old hospital finally gave Xmas bonuses. Not coincidence. Small hospitals absolutely need ACA.
----------------> Merry #Christmas !!! ✩☃♥ https://t.co/IdSKJ2qCG9
@D_suzu0210 うん! 私は、シークレットプリンセス(あむver)と、Happy Xmasと君のBirthdayかな! その3つはセットって感じで続けて聞いてる!笑 キャラソンのが聞くかな! こはつんさんは?