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"Sometimes I think I should give up but I look at these fans' support,my thoughts have a positive outlook" ~Xander, U-Kiss
@taraisaducky ok Buffy is Monk, Giles Wizard, Willow is Sorcerer with high Int and Wis and middling Charisma. Xande… https://t.co/znUd0Ztg28
RT @FretsMakesMusic: So these “gaming desks” are at Fry’s. I think this is the adult equivilant of having a race car bed. https://t.co/W6rjSsRja1
RT @webmiss007: Fellow white ppl afraid 2 see the #BlackPantherMovie because u don't like being one of the few white ppl in the the… https://t.co/qFRmVNa5fW
RT @keithboykin: “The wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers.” - #blackpanthermovie https://t.co/CNdW15bQqP
RT @TheRickyDavila: Oh, so I forgot to mention that I saw the #BlackPantherMovie earlier today and it was simply spectacular. There isn… https://t.co/gdmvOGUpmO
En la vida todo pasa y ud ya paso
RT @RoseAnnDeMoro: Black voter registration effort launched at #BlackPanther screenings: https://t.co/DK7MS1xKFa Activists with the E… https://t.co/B11qZPl6Sp
RT @OliviaResists: 📢Calling on students, teachers, administrators, parents and allies to join @womensmarch for a… https://t.co/TJgqOx5gVI
Okay! I’ve said enough about my oc Xander for now https://t.co/HXcG9NBnip
@GailSimone Shuri is amazing. Simply amazing.
To grow in his rage and to kill everything around him. The flames used by the ring are devoured by the mind of Xand… https://t.co/xzWFNhgNR3
RT @AdamWeinstein: The director of a Broward senior home called Governor Rick Scott's personal cellphone desperate for help when their… https://t.co/tOtWmNiCZ6
no xander hate on my page pls i love him
RT @Da_PiffInkosi: #shooteracademy first #single #badliver just hit 200 #views on #SoundCloud in just one week #hiphop #trap… https://t.co/NwkYRLck3K
RT @dappledualies: prince xander of nohr is not valid
@volatilecrimson worried. Still, when you got in my face, I stepped back, trying not to show fear, listening to you… https://t.co/VOwwVcwbLn
Personality. He gives visions to those who approach him with respect, representing ‘life’ in his own courses. As… https://t.co/QaaulI0ZoX
Xander himself or the summoner (if he is tamed properly). Xander gives fortune and reveals the future and events at… https://t.co/yqkkLmpeXj
Enrique: Ako si Lakas. Liza: Ako si Ganda. Xander Ford: Ako di ko po alam, e. Pero feeling ko po napapanood naman po ako ni Tita Kris.