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@XanderMobusVO Well there's one more reason to put Camp WWE on my priority watchlist! Thanks Xander, you pushed ano… https://t.co/mZLGrkbGbp
RT @OrdinaryGamers: I will fly to Argentina one day and make it a mission to buy all these and then make legit review of the memetic po… https://t.co/uvs7CLGrik
I see. How dutiful and virtuous you are. Yes, a man of your integrity would never object to my telling Lord Xander anything. Particularly--
Thank you for teaching me what it is like to be a maid. It was an experience I will never forget.
@TooMuchHeart_ Peter studies the card carefully as he speaks, bright hazel eyes moving between the card and Xander.… https://t.co/V90kLKWGwS
elise and camilla have joined leos party to rescue xander niles and odin
Facing against @Trewpr in #Smashbrosmelee. Wish me and my jigglypuff luck hoping she can get out of Hell (A.k.a loser's bracket).
RT @soapcentral: Monday on @nbcdays: Teresa made a risky deal with Xander. Read the entire #DAYS recap https://t.co/uz0L5NgDQo https://t.co/B9g5MTZWQJ
@Xander_Clay You’re welcome! I had a great day. I’m happy that Alex was an example for you. Know that you are an… https://t.co/ZwgF005YAZ
@meagan_goeswine It didn't hit me at first because Ben and Maddie were still trying to figure out how to fix the ov… https://t.co/TCsmZjNX6Q
@m2ederson Thank you ma’am! Hope you had a great Mother’s Day. Your son has been a great example to me. I work to be like him
@YaoiSociety @zhxngyunwu Duo daddy :) Btw kek kenal xander nya
RT @edwardjoel_: Soy de ese 1% que no le gusta esta mierda https://t.co/lihFdIbFyl
RT @PeelPoliceMedia: #PRPMP Xander HARKER, 20 year-old male, 6ft tall, 150lbs, short black hair, beard and moustache, wearing a black ts… https://t.co/tJRzPU2uFw
RT @elchivo1112: When your abortion comes back for revenge https://t.co/SR59hpasB3
RT @InvictosSomos: El hijo de Marcelo jugando y festejando con unos amigos. https://t.co/iCAceu0tZ9