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@PrivateEyeball i can totally see why xander crews wanted fred dryer to be his running mate
RT @PenGriffeyJr97: PSA to all fathers: it’s your job to show your daughters what a real man looks like and what real love is. https://t.co/mwyKIClLMr
RT @alisclit: @xanderminaj xander giving the gays what they want omg
RT @XANDERNOTHARRlS: @!KiSSYSEBBY: xander is basically the hearts filter he'll make you see hearts on your head with just one look https://t.co/lhFWlXdaC3
Esses cr brinca mt kkk
I like being around people who don't know what they're doing. It makes me look smarter than I actually am 😂
RT @NBCSCameraGuys: We chat with our fellow @borascorp client Xander Bogaerts🤣. We’re trying to put a band together. Don’t think X is… https://t.co/reYi9T4vdm
A partir del 8 de agosto multarán a quien tire basura en vía pública https://t.co/wRPWqoJTqp
RT @pyperbeaw: Kamukha ni tin si xander oh myyyy just kidding 😆 #AloneTogetherWeekend
RT @paulweeezy: straight up Xander’s my boy but not this Hawk fool, okay? Hawks a dumb name
Real Clawson family conversations: Xander: Dad you have any weights? Chris: Yea Xander: Where? Chris: At work. Xan… https://t.co/EffMZiROZz
Creo que más de uno estuvo esperando la quincena que el 14 de Febrero #Realidad
RT @pyperbeaw: Kamukha ni tin si xander oh myyyy just kidding 😆 #AloneTogetherWeekend
RT @RedSox: Xander's ready for the challenge of a new season. #SoxSpring https://t.co/mwXZTKf99L
@Calliyst Tertawa geli melihat Aria yang kesal dan memukulnya. Tangannya memeluk pinggang kecil itu lalu mengecup p… https://t.co/ojKHHHMNGi
Our Nephew Xander brought THAT ENERGY AND FOCUS as fresnostatembb Honorary Coach at practice tonight 😤. Nice job Xa… https://t.co/3wpPT4yEef
RT @Marino_Pepen: POSIBLE LINEUP #OpeningDay: Dustin Pedroia 2B* Andrew Benintendi LF Mookie Betts RF J.D. Martínez DH Rafael Dever… https://t.co/bBuXuxOMdO
@Xander_Olivieri yup! since i been streaming and am waiting on feedback on a commission, gonna draw a new dad, whom… https://t.co/IRHLR5jDE4
@NorthernlionLP "Shake the rod and make a cast." Was this intended as a sex joke? Never expected that from fishing,… https://t.co/WvHwKb0azj
Kamukha ni tin si xander oh myyyy just kidding 😆 #AloneTogetherWeekend