X-Men Are You

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Jenna Jameson: Arghh what kind of X-men are you exactly??
x-men — are you that somebody (Vine by @DCxSLADE) https://t.co/xYfVs4bkGx
Oggi inizio la lettura di "Avengers vs X-Men" ARE YOU READY FOR THIS? NO, I'M NOT, X-MEN FOR LIFE, GO ERIK GO https://t.co/DOpc0J1MRd
Fantastic 4 and X-Men: Are you going to kill me? Marvel: I'm not going to kill, i will just dump you for the inhumans really,really bad
x-men — are you that somebody (Vine by @DCxSLADE) https://t.co/qqOyFWPwYt