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X-Men: The Animated Series (1992) only adding this for nostalgic reasons. It's held up pretty well, but Jubilee wo… https://t.co/Igv1l7S4SU
Seria o X-Men , o Jorge Nicola da Fla-TT?.......😂😂😂😂😂
RT @tatelangod: que vontade de maratonar x-men mas to com preguiça
que vontade de maratonar x-men mas to com preguiça
X-Men: 10 Facts You Need to Know About Wolverine https://t.co/o3Eh6lDmPZ https://t.co/AxjPYbGgTs
@m3rlumina at least i can buy things from thinkgeek with my gamestop gift card. might get that cute x-men cardigan they have.
New post: X-Men Days of Future Past Full Movie https://t.co/JsfJ4Kpked
Logan: Wolverine e Xavier nas novas imagens oficiais do longa do universo X-Men - https://t.co/MGEl7GbNXr https://t.co/eY1xnwWbeb
RT @Maddrox66: Scott Summers is one of the greatest X-Men. #CyclopsWasRight
RT @NashvilleScene: In the second video installment of Advice King, @thecroftonshow tells us how to write an X-Men movie.… https://t.co/zMgc5o8fch
I feel like that bald kid that was locked in a white room from X men rn 😂😂
@DanTresOmi This was the time when I was entrenched in ANYTHING X-Men so I think that's why these stories are SO GOOD to me, but not others
If you look closely you'll see a beard hair that is 2 feet longer than the rest, I hope this mutation is a first si… https://t.co/Y9g80no5y2
Nunca me voy a olvidar cuando me dijieron "X-men mezcla avatar con capitán américa"... 🤣 ME MEO DE LA RISA
RT @DisAppAintFree: Wolverine the most overrated X Men
#IGN Legion: X-Men Producer on Future TV Plans https://t.co/e0qq80qwM3
Most of em was x-men. And cable and deadpool comics
@LiamRSharp i loved when he faces the x-men!
RT @DisAppAintFree: Wolverine the most overrated X Men
Check out X-MEN TRADING CARD MARVEL # 58 DEATHBIRD https://t.co/cq9TaMi54q via @eBay
@VegasRefund dam not looking good at all. x-men didn't show up. In the hole to start the day. Let's bounce back!!!
Another reminder why Marvel is foolish to dump all over the X-Men these days. FOX also needs to take notes when mak… https://t.co/vuc0j9m4fW