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GoPro: Mitchie Brusco's Road to X Games XVIII Episode 3: https://t.co/qf7Z9imH1a
RT @666_ramos: High af thinkin bout movie ideas for no reason came up wit sum fly shit. A philly born dirt bike rider who only rid… https://t.co/nJtDSvxmOC
My step dad said he was at the x games when Tony hawk landed that 900. I still don’t believe him
RT @kelseybl4ck: He was, quite literally, on x games mode https://t.co/II6gvVZmhB
Tony Hawk and Dave Mirra (rip fr) really had me wanting to be in the X Games, on my mother bro 🤙🏾
RT @bhsppride: Seniors don’t forget to sign up for Senior X Games in the finance office! $5 per person, waiver is on the school website!!
RT @adamgryu: Thanks to everyone who came by and played my little gameplay demo at COMICS X GAMES #TCAF! It's super motivating to… https://t.co/VcIkayYEHc
my head is on x games mode gn yall
RT @VitalBMX: Ryan Williams has finally been invited to @XGames Minneapolis to compete in Big Air. Much deserved. Congrats,… https://t.co/xJ3YuABSvL
I had this x games recorded on a vhs tape and watched it everyday before I went skating as a kid https://t.co/X4upg9hc3l
I remember watching this on the news after it happened. I got super big into watching competitive alternative spor… https://t.co/wGtnp2V2pu