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MONATIK — LOVE IT ритм (Official video) https://t.co/S1izCVS9og Love it rhythm 이 우크라이나 차트에서 꽤나 많이 올라왔길래... 볼린 출신인… https://t.co/31Yo13rQpD
@Niaccurshi Quite a lot of countries actually send their X-Factor style winners to go do the singing actually. But… https://t.co/ggH6dMx7AO
@crying_probably I personally only heard Irish people talking about the boycott but anyways, say if the same/simila… https://t.co/0hN3W8qa2y
@BGT I don't dispute the fact that singing is a talent but I'd appreciate seeing a max of 3 very good singers for a… https://t.co/AirepMG4CU
@PaolaOeste Didn't an X-Factor ballad WIN though?
I'm literwllt never gonna question my spelling again. X-factor*
RT @_sammoores_: @JOWSTMUSIC @emmablackery It's just embarrassing. I love watching MGP and supported Keiino tonight. It was out ther… https://t.co/pzO4d7BsWe
In the end @bbceurovision gave a mediocre song to someone who can sing but didn't suit the song and then gave him t… https://t.co/B8LxpNWBet
On the @105uckfieldfm Weekend What's-On show today, John Martin from @trinitytheatre will be with me to talk about… https://t.co/TzeEMqOvfp
Saksikan X-Factor UK New Season, tayang perdana Minggu 28 Agt 2016 jam 8.30am di RTL CBS Entertainment Ch.324>Cp: 0… https://t.co/u7pygSPwwv
@JOWSTMUSIC @emmablackery It's just embarrassing. I love watching MGP and supported Keiino tonight. It was out ther… https://t.co/pzO4d7BsWe
Throwback to Rod Castro at NAMM Rod Castro is a Los Angeles based session guitarist who has worked with Beyoncé, B… https://t.co/bIFzKQkK0I
Friendship Chemistry And the X-Factor
Why is everyone talking about Eurovision? It's just the X-Factor for postgrads.
RT @KenAllison18: I've never been a hug KB fan- I like him, but he's somehow missing that X-factor that would make him more exciting… https://t.co/VVSEkoYHBu
Before the EU we had The Beatles, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Status Quo, Pink Floyd. Now we've got a… https://t.co/K7ziSyzdBX
@EmilyThornberry #Eurovision : X-Factor rejects. Held somewhere in the Middle East... of Asia? Are they blind? I… https://t.co/wFokqam6be
@BBCWorld Dead. Last. Just a s*** X-Factor anyway...
@bbceurovision If you could send something that doesn't sound like a rejected X-Factor song next year, that would b… https://t.co/SilkYh3fCr
Η οποία #Φουρέιρα και στην σημερινή της εμφάνιση, τους χάζεψε. Δεν έγινα Φουρέιρα fan ξαφνικά, αλλά δεν μπορώ να μη… https://t.co/dTP9qRuxDc
Somewhere in the BBC tomorrow morning: "We've been humiliated again, what are we going to do next year?" "How about… https://t.co/N4f9YR8r7G
Do feel a little sorry for that lad representing #UnitedKingdom but not hugely surprised he finished last. The song… https://t.co/jIBoaPeRQ9
Text book anti-climax. Not surprised we came last. Yet another bland, forgettable X-Factor copy-paste. #EuroVision
@Fanatic80s Relegated to the x-factor!