@wyliemac @AnaGasteyer @abluvsmutts I thought I'd misheard! He's a horrible human being.
@AnaGasteyer @abluvsmutts my hotel room tv doesn't have rewind. I was like, "did I hear that right?"
Obama Tells Trump: Stop ‘Whining’ and Trying to Discredit the Election - The New York Times https://t.co/LkyTxfmrfW
That's all I wanted...we tired of hearing time/place/order....give us justice https://t.co/ZNlj3DVEd6
@DevDapree just read the MLK quote you retweeted. I see the point and understand where you are coming from more clearly now.
@wyliemac I just think it's funny he gets a grey area versus no backlash
@wyliemac I get that. What I'm saying is an apology would not have happened had not PR disaster . Was a Harbaugh fan. He meant it.
@DevDapree Wasn't debating about anything else. Otherwise, I agree with you defending Kaepernick
@DevDapree what I meant was that I wasn't trying to change your mind on Harbaugh b/c I feel you don't want to hear it. ...
@wyliemac debates are open dialogue but when it's not what you want to hear it's an argument
@DevDapree ok, not here to fight, just express my opinion. Have a good one.
@wyliemac funny how grey areas exist when it's not us lol he meant it
@DevDapree he's kind of awkward in press conferences, so yeah, it happens.
a football coach doesn't get the words "motivation" "respect" or "Action" mixed up https://t.co/9hX8t2xIRI
. @Kaepernick7 timeline proved his motivation was pure. I also believe @CoachJim4UM's correction was genuine. Sometimes people misspeak.
@CameronWolfe sure, but I guess no one ever makes a poor word choice.
RT @CoachJim4UM: I apologize for misspeaking my true sentiments. To clarify, I support Colin's motivation. It's his method of action that I take exception to
@bradmeltzer I'd love a Jane Goodall one to give to my wife, who loves her. Also, #GoBlue! :)
@DJPhotoVideo excellent lesson in photography
@wyliemac Thanks Alvin. It wasn't as hot as expected, so that it made it even better.