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@IOL She dont have to apologise coz what she said is right its just some dont want to see reality as it is 💙
Everybady screaming 【みんな叫んでいる】 Everybady moving 【動いている】 I'm going crazy 【俺は狂ってきてる】 This is all we got now 【これは僕らが手に入れた全てだ】 〈Riot!!!〉
@helenzille @ALETTAHA @Caleb_Singh @RenaldoGouws You so right zille they can call you a white dog but you cant resp… https://t.co/CgTYFTLBcX
@AthiHo @helenzille @MmusiMaimane Sorry my boy i use expensive products which i van easily afford to buy for consti… https://t.co/BVbiGux0Jx
@helenzille @ALETTAHA @HamieChauke @MmusiMaimane Guy says they are going to loot for the next 500 years. Lol yet he… https://t.co/q2D0SPZv0y
@grant_wyk @helenzille @MmusiMaimane Nope 😂 I demonstrated Zille's corruption, you avoided that response (coz you c… https://t.co/60e4oFTXuK
@helenzille @ALETTAHA @Mpho__Kuane @MmusiMaimane Thing is this and this is truth wheter liked or not. Blacks were a… https://t.co/cDZE0yvcEd
@AthiHo @helenzille @MmusiMaimane Is it because i said something tht offends you🤣
@News24 Dnt wrry anc will fix it sooooooooon
@grant_wyk @helenzille @MmusiMaimane Your inability to dispute the facts stated has been noted. 👍🏾
@AthiHo @helenzille @MmusiMaimane And you still dont own a tab? Thts y u crying right? Maybe she will give u one if… https://t.co/vOmdRB3Dnx
@haseenamajid @eNCA Lol they were there haseena and you should see how they grabbed that loser lol. Tht guy must ha… https://t.co/V5l6WA9k8v
@grant_wyk @eNCA No. But I wouldnt kick the terminator esp if he had these machines nearby 🤣🤣
Keep your enemies close 【敵はいつも自分のそばに置いておけ】 〈Bedroom Warfare〉
@SundayTimesZA This dont make sense
@Lekhotla_51914 @eNCA Would you expect someone to kick you while you do something good with children?
@haseenamajid @eNCA U didnt watch the video?
@eNCA Just give them a one on one 👍👍👍lets see if tht coward can face arnold man to man
@DishaSpear @grant_wyk @helenzille @ThuliMadonsela3 @lootgous You are now. Now you just have thieves left. Own it.
@grant_wyk @helenzille @MmusiMaimane The tablets allowed his son, Paul, to pilot his app. In the tech startup space… https://t.co/YHPPOCp2Gb
@helenzille @CryptoArn Racist is calling someone racist 🤣