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My poor baby can't even sleep cuz he has to cough every 2 seconds 😞
RT @Loganskylarr: LADIES, it's 2017 ... I think it's time we step our game up & bring back the Juicy tracksuits. https://t.co/WlJMLzr3Iz
RT @vaIcyon: Me transitioning from 2016 to 2017 https://t.co/qUXuWDlwbf
RT @xangelinaaaaa: i'm a girl and i swear its not that serious.... https://t.co/jP6O9geTrD
RT @charmlessmanda: Me when viva la vida comes on in the car https://t.co/S1jm0Q05zb
RT @Pappiness: If Charles Manson dies, it's a positive sign that 2017 is going to be payback for the good people we lost in 2016.
RT @daisymarquez_: @bvspvs thanks for the clear skin 😽
Their toes being so close to touching makes me uncomfortable omg https://t.co/lqCMCzK59B
RT @antoniodelotero: when your mom gossiping on the phone and you hear your name https://t.co/hPQyATjtep
RT @hslaurent: is rape still the victim's fault this time? was this infant not covered up enough? dressing too provocatively?? https://t.co/mF0JlZp0Be
RT @KingMiller_: Nah man, this video too much for me. Anyone of y'all contemplating killing yourself right, please don't. https://t.co/3vRmBrLpJK
did I mention that he's cute??? https://t.co/Ef9l2dy3a0