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RT @idkmelany: CAPRICORN PROS -mature -goal diggers -smart smart smart -witty
RT @charlynnator: We wanted to play lotería but Ann Arbor ain't about it SO WE FOUND AN APP AND IT HAS A FRIJOL TO APUNTAR💀😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂… https://t.co/dZSFl7RnQe
RT @TheHelenOfTrill: Capricorn women: make their own problems. They're always fake unbothered when they really be bothered as hell. Stubborn AF.
RT @unsmokabIe: the prime minister of canada, justin trudeau at 18-years-old. what a fine white boy https://t.co/5Q6mn0ReOt
RT @WISEfloetry: Happy Birthday to this legend. I know her spirit is up there singing to the Gods. Que viva Celia! https://t.co/HJo9DtjvuS
RT @byefeIicia: Suck his dick like his ex watching
RT @sadistry: this gon be me and my boo on Halloween https://t.co/tvSjCCuS9v
RT @CHlSMOSA: This is a 36 week old baby. If you agree with Killary, that aborting babies at this age is okay; you agree with mur… https://t.co/3w0W4R6Ml7
Saw @tylerperry Boo! A Madea Halloween and it was freaking hilarious. One of his best! #GoSeeItNow #WWMD #WhatWouldMadeaDo
RT @helicuh: Mural update, this piece constantly stresses me out but it's finally turning out how I planned https://t.co/brEnTuMfb3
RT @vesseIftitIed: ok but Willy Wonka said he placed the golden tickets all over the world but only white kids were chosen,,, hm https://t.co/BwNNu0uGhv
RT @WORIDSTARHIPH0P: actors reading the lyrics to 'one dance' by drake. IM. DECEASED💀💀 https://t.co/2NtcvpEGBn
RT @55mmbae: You realize you can be traumatized and not even know it, right? And that can affect you subconsciously, whole time you don't even know it
RT @tom_harlock: im a mess who wants a fight
RT @simplynottyxx: Pro-Life Fools: "I wish I can be a parent to the children who got aborted." Us: "Okay but what about the kids in fo… https://t.co/qaD9NWqoAe
RT @femaIes: *purposely walks by a bitch who claim to think she have a problem with me* https://t.co/BE4SPlCopC
RT @FOX4: Legendary singer Selena inducted into Texas Women's Hall of Fame https://t.co/IMrpHmeCQV
RT @MattBellassai: im so glad it's finally stare-out-the-rainy-window-while-listening-to-Adele-and-crying weather
RT @rtyourkink: the gender neutral term for sugar daddy is glucose guardian