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tweet: subjective opinion stated as an objective fact raw thots: INSPIRATIONAL! GOALS! CHANGED MY LIFE! THIS!!! 😂😂😂! TRUTH! PREACH IT!!
RT @albertarabbit: @cruise_peter fare tonight is "Very Berry Chicken Salad": baked chicken breast, sliced strawberries, blueberries, g… https://t.co/Q4V03Os4fn
@GoPro why would you use your own filetime for shooting "RAW"? I frankly don't know much about shooting in raw, but… https://t.co/mziiyIZ9jm
@brownsnake750 @NSWRL Anyone who knows anything about origin will be aware that NSW has defended its way to 11 seri… https://t.co/FFx0tViCv8
RT @UPUP_CaribLatin: UP&UP 2018.07.21(土) at Shibuya HOME (https://t.co/abBjU3ZL6v) open/start23:30 Adv.¥1,500(D別) Door¥2,000(D別) 【Band】… https://t.co/i7CnFXl797
RT @BangtanPanic: Fake love remix has 4 different riffs and 3 different guitars. An acoustic one, a electric one and an acoustic but tuned to sound more raw
RT @AshleeWhite23: When @AlexaBliss_WWE walks out in #byamberbryn @byamberbryn1 & you get so many messages from clients saying they lo… https://t.co/lxaZodIm1D
RT @SHADOWLORDblast: ヴェネズエラ産ぼっちBlack、Kveldulv。 3曲のみだが、なかなかカッケエRaw Melodic Black! スロヴァキアあたりのバンドを思わせる音だ。   ↑ 適当なこと言ってる… https://t.co/b3jrm5xw4k
RT @KeptSecretxXx: ITS THE HOT @RomanMaverick #SWALLOWING MY #BIGDICK IN HIS HOLE AND MOUTH 👄 https://t.co/LLjKcn34Zw #Italian… https://t.co/8zu2JVZPIb
RT @WWENetwork: Whether on #RAW or #SDLive, the rivalry between @TheDeanAmbrose & @mikethemiz was always INTENSE! https://t.co/frsOkKuML7
RT @XXL: .@1GunnaGunna and @Hoodrich_Pablo show off their modeling skills with G-Star Raw for Saks Fifth Avenue https://t.co/2OA3NCOeMH
RT @WWE: Did @RondaRousey just go TOO FAR in destroying @AlexaBliss_WWE's championship celebration on #RAW?! https://t.co/6kpLUkT41U
RT @duunk: if i see even one “rip xxx” on my tl i’m hitting the block button raw til i’m soft
@securinti Using PT #RiskIQ running info n raw header. It’s a mess & I’m having trouble following path. Reroutes & bounceBacks n all.
RT @tasldn: “What’s understood between us doesn’t need to be explained to anyone else” Some girls love tweeting this when the… https://t.co/vvjBwYqF1z
RT @HustleHeartedHH: Pure raw talent @PonceDeLeioun x @OGMaco “Outside” live performance at #Power106 https://t.co/tfc0AlWgMM
RT @MisaSasekage: Holy hell, only 2 out of the 6 matches on #RAW broke 10 minutes. Idk how people enjoy this show.
RT @yoStax: Mikel over Knox? Even tho he's 3 years older, smaller and their talents aren't far apart.. imagine Knox in 3 years… https://t.co/Lb7euqSNVZ
yea she might be fucking you raw but she's copying my answers for the pre calc homework so who's really winning
RT @AlexaBliss_WWE: Last night was supposed to be a celebration. A happy moment for the ENTIRE @WWE Universe. It was our day to rejoice… https://t.co/HOajBC6fZV
RT @LFCSTEVEEDL: carling: sunk gear: sniffed cock: sucked knuckles: raw football: coming home come on england were gonna have all you fuckers
RT @ProWrestlingMag: When you’re winning the Universal Title. #RAW https://t.co/laL8D9YOLM